Regime change has consequences... - Granite Grok

Regime change has consequences…

Obama Miss Me Soliemani Yes

Surprise!  Not everyone is willing to grovel and appease aggressors. Those bullies need something to remind them that:

  • They are bullies
  • Not everyone is willing to just stand there and take it.

Not only does this work in real life, but it also works at a global scale as well.  My response to a bully was a hard headlock transferring to a full nelson. Then dropping said bully onto the street nose-first.  I never had a problem with him after that and others left me alone.

It’s all attitude and Trump has that in spades. Trump is NOT Obama (thank God!) when it comes to bullies (and yes, bullies come in all kinds of shapes and forms). While Obama used various agencies of the Federal govt against his political rivals (e.g., IRS and TEA Party groups, Treasury and Operation Choke Point against gun businesses, FBI against journalists, et al), Trump is using not just the Military against those armed antagonists like General Qasem Soleimani (and most likely many that we’ll never hear about who wish to do us harm) but economic sanctions and reprisals.

So for the General Qasem Soleimani wannabees, I’m quite sure they would want an Obama type (Blame [and apologize for] America Firsters) back again.

(H/T: Powerline)