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Nigel Farage to the EU Globalists – You May Loathe Populism … But It’s Becoming Very Popular.

Nigel Farage - Sky News

Nigel Farage is an MP to the EU. He’s been working for years to lose his job. That is, to get the UK out of the EU. That is now happening one way or another. But before it does (tomorrow) he had some words for the EU, you may like to hear.

It’s a great big poke in the EU’s eye.

Farage speaks to the problems with the EU and globalism. And the people of many nations pushing away from globalism and back toward populism. Hence the title of his post.

Globalist Mission Creep

Farage notes that the EU started out as the idea of a more open market and became and unaccountable regional government that ignored the people in its member states. He hopes Brexit begins a cascade of departures that ends the EU in its current form. Not the mutual interest, trade, or appreciation or Europe and its various parts, but the tyrannical thing he joined for the purpose of getting the UK out of it.

He emphasizes this with the amusing observation that, 

“There is a historic battle underway across the West in Europe, America, and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I tell you a funny thing. It’s becoming very popular”

As if to prove him right, the UK delegation gets cut off right after that for waving their own flags. They are then invited to leave, which they do, happily, while the other EU ministers applaud their departure. As if they hadn’t been fighting to keep them in all these years.

The remarks are just under five minutes and worth every second because they are keenly relevant to the fight we are having here with our ruling class and their efforts to get rid of your President, Mr. Trump.


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