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Maduro Says Venezuela is Ready to Make a Deal with Trump and US

Venezuela Poverty Protest-Image credit The Daily Signal

President Nicolás Maduro has made an announcement. He is prepared for direct negotiations to repair relations between the US and Venezuela. If Trump lifts sanctions, he will open his oil reserves to US companies. No offense, but we don’t need your stinking oil.

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A year ago the situation in Venezuela was a mess with three global powers weighing in on the best way to clean it up. China and Russia were into the current socialist dictator (Maduro), having dumped billions into the nation to prop up the socialists. America imposed “crushing sanctions” to drive them all mad and backed the opposition “president,” Juan Guaido.

As long as the sanctions are in place, neither China nor Russia will likely see much return on the 60 billion they’ve handed over to prop up Maduro. If Trump is a communist puppet, now would be an excellent time to show his hand. Do the Reds a favor right before an election.  Wink, wink. But anyone who is not a die-hard leftist knows Trump has not done a thing to help Russia as President and may things to thwart them. And the odds of him lifting sanctions for oil are nil.

We don’t need their stinking oil. Does Maduro not know this?

In an interview with The Washington PostMaduro reportedly suggested President Trump should lift sanctions on the nation in exchange for possible benefits for U.S. oil companies from the OPEC member state.

Mr. Trump is benefitting from US oil companies creating jobs in America. And so are Americans. It’s part of this crazy strategy where we stop needing despots and dictators to power our economy. One that Democrats have promised to dismantle on day one. The ‘D’ also stands for dependence.

And they are serious about it.

Which is why we need to keep Mr. Trump in the Oval Office. A few more years of this and the people of Iran and Venezuela may have a chance to breathe freer air. If Democrats take over, kiss that goodbye, and not just over there.

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