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Is NH the Next Virginia?


Did Governor Sununu think the 22,000 pro-gun, constitution-loving people who showed up in Virginia were actually supporters of anti-gun legislation, or does he think, like governor Northam, that we no longer matter?

In 2019, a bill designed to assist abused, vulnerable, elderly adults was debated and the gun confiscation provisions were removed but for the stating that a law enforcement officer, if there were probable cause to show a weapon had been was used – notice the tense – in the commission of the crime, could seize it immediately For the first time, both Republicans and Democrats agreed arbitrary and capricious confiscation upon accusation was wrong and did little to combat elderly abuse.

The bill passed in spite of the “you should never make a bad bill better so we need to kill this so it doesn’t happen again” crowd. Yes, those who raise money on bad bills fought the passing of a bill that removed confiscation upon accusation.

The bill was eventually vetoed under pressure from Amanda Grady Sexton from the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence who, by the way, is handed $8 million from every budget to divvy up between the members of her “coalition.”

The other side demanding a veto was NH Firearms Coalition who threatened Senator Jeb Bradley with another primary if he didn’t stand with the governor to veto. Bradley spent $50,000+ on the last primary NHFC coordinated so he saw it as a credible risk and caved to pressure. They agreed to let a new bill come in this year that appeased Amanda Grady Sexton of the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and NH Firearms Coalition. The veto was upheld

The new NHFC and Amanda Grady Sexton negotiated section for the confiscation of weapons in the 2020 bill is as follows:

“Prior to filing a petition under this (the elder abuse ) chapter, the plaintiff shall be required to complete a worksheet developed by the court outlining the plaintiffs rights and options for relief under this chapter, RSA 173-B ( confiscation of firearms upon accusation) and RSA 633:3-a (stalking). The worksheets shall also advise plaintiffs that they may contact New Hampshire Legal Assistance and the New Hampshire Domestic Violence Hotline for assistance prior to filing a petition. Plaintiffs shall be required to sign the worksheet stating the following: “I understand my rights and options as explained in this worksheet. I am freely choosing to file this petition even though there are other petitions I may qualify for that are specifically designed for victims of domestic violence and stalking. I understand that using this petition may prevent me from getting additional protections for physical safety that may be available to me, including the right to ask the court to order the defendant to hand over their firearms or deadly weapons” (emphasis added)

This is claimed to be the Governor, the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, NH Legal Assistance (for elderly who are abused), and NH Firearms Coalition alleged to represent 2a groups.

Since this was from the Republican Governor and the Republican Senate and the fact the Democrat House also has the same amendment to the same bill in the House, we must conclude it is a politically done-deal. No way to risk being vetoed unless Sununu wants to be the first governor to ever veto his own bill.

That only leaves a very few to try and stop it!

They said we couldn’t stop Marsy’s Law and it had the very same cast of characters telling us to shut up, sit down, and take our medicine. Marsy’s Law allowed an accuser to make the accusation and then refuse to be questioned or deposed. It also provided constitutionally guaranteed immunity to any elected or appointed official to violate your constitutional rights with impunity. Of course, the accused would be no recourse against false accusations.

Read the above section the “stakeholders” agreed to in December under the cloak of secrecy. Then read the arguments over Marsy’s Law.

We were warned by Marsy’s Law proponents they would bring it back one piece at a time. They are and this is one piece. Know your right to be vindictive and harm the person you are angry with and, in case you might only want justice without confiscation of guns, this bill will force you to talk to people who will convince you that no one should have guns ANYWAY and if you don’t agree to have them taken, there is little they will do to help you. Game over.

Proponents are adamant in their assertion that the Governor worked with “the 2a groups.” It was NOT ProGun NH and it was NOT Women’s Defense League. We do know, however, that the NH Firearms Coalition was guaranteed a seat.

It’s all up to you now. The proponents of the bill today say “Virginia or Bust !”

Opponents still echo the words of General John Stark “Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of all evils. ” Or something.”


By Tench Coxe