Iran Rockets Miss Everything Except (allegedly) a Passenger Plane (so Dems Could Blame Trump?) - Granite Grok

Iran Rockets Miss Everything Except (allegedly) a Passenger Plane (so Dems Could Blame Trump?)

Mullah Mullah

Iran had an earthquake yesterday. They launched a bunch of missiles. And the only thing that got hit (allegedly) was a Ukrainian Passenger plane leaving Tehran.

Body count: around 163, all people who were in Iran air space when they died.

Did Iran Shoot Down That Ukrainian Airliner? And if so, did they shoot it down accidentally, in some kind of panic, or did they shoot it down, hoping to kill citizens of a Western country whom the US would not feel obligated to avenge? …

Bear in mind: Iran seems to have deliberately “missed” any Americans with its missiles. It wanted a media story about shooting missiles at Americans, without the risk entailed in actually killing Americans.

The media was beside itself over the death of a well-dressed Iranian terrorist. It appears equally upset that Iran didn’t hit anything or kill any Americans with all that impressive looking propaganda video of rockets leaving the nest.

Where is the footage of the Mullahs with sticks trying to get their “rockets” out of the trees they landed in after the parachutes deployed?

Mullah Mullah,
Hey, baby
This was a Test,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…

As for the alleged shoot-down of the passenger plane

The wreckage had hardly stopped bouncing when Iran blamed mechanical failure. This excuse was made without benefit of investigation or even access to the ‘black boxes’ which Iran now refuses to turn over.

Experts are not convinced it was a mechanical failure (me; unless by that you mean the mechanical inability to shrug off “supposedly friendly” rocket fire?).

Come out to Tehran, we’ll have a few laughs…”

It’s early but I am waiting on Democrats to blame Trump for Iran (allegedly) shooting down a passenger plane in retaliation for the killing of a Mass Murderer. It was a Ukrainian 737-800 (no, not Boeing’s Fault). That can’t be an accident.

As for the earthquake, I think the Dems will give Trump a pass on that unless the overnight polling tells them to add it to the articles of impeachment.