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Don’t let emotions get in the way of trapping facts


To The Daily Sun,

N.H. selling trapped wildlife for $8 each a fair price? I believe that has already been determined by New Hampshire wildlife professionals, biologists, and trappers.

Before LDSun readers get emotional over this issue, they may like to do some educational (facts/data) research. I suggest first going to the NH Fish and Game site and read Why New Hampshire Needs Trapping. Additionally, a discussion of the outlook of woodlands with an overabundance of predators with a New Hampshire game warden, a farmer about crop destruction, those who raise chickens and other small farm stock, or people who have pets that visit the outdoors may produce some insights of what the real world is like.

Until I hear differently, I’ll continue to my put my trust in the experience, data, and interactions of the N.H. Fish and Game and our game wardens / N.H. trappers on the best husbandry of New Hampshire wildlife in which they interact with, enjoy, and wish to preserve.

My experience of the last few decades is that these issues are now controlled by emotions, good intentions, and feel-good protesting in a desire to protect and allow predators to proliferate; be it foxes / weasels that will then soon be in hen houses or coyote packs in the sheep pens after slowly ripping all the deer apart (I’ll leave the biped predators for another time, since they are a protected subset which are not allowed to be trapped).

By Tom Ploszaj (loyal ‘Grok reader)


Editor Notes: Once again, we see that Bambi-Nazis don’t really understand how eco-systems really work – only their fevered versions of what they thinks is reality. Tom hits the nail on the head. And why is it that these Progressives believe that “nature” must be totally left along but they MUST, in all cases, legislate and regulate the rest of us up the wazoo?  -Skip