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Dirty Secret: The Green Energy Utopia is an Oppressive Carbon-Intensive Mess


This will not be news to most of our readers. Green Energy infrastructure is dirty on the front end and the back end. There are issues in between as well, but here’s one point that gets overlooked. The materials needed are mined, primarily by child labor.

Batteries, for example, are a big source of both optimism and frustration when it comes to green energy. They power cleaner vehicles and store energy so that solar and wind power are still accessible even in unfavorable weather. The downside is that those batteries are made with cobalt. Most of the world’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where children work in mines to meet growing demand for the metal. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla have all been named defendants in a suit filed in December over the deaths of children working in cobalt mines.

Someone should add the Democrat party and their green inquisition. Their combined efforts are encouraging people to believe the green agenda’s lies, which enable hostile foreign powers to benefit from the demand it creates.

Trump helps free us from oil and gas tyrants while Leftists work to make us dependent on new enemies or regimes that mistreat women and children.

The next time a progressive tries to impress you with their false virtue, ask them when they’ll be buying a ticket to the Congo to protest for workers’ rights in cobalt mines. You know, for the children. 

| The Verge.com