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DHS Trolls Media On 100 Miles Of New Border Wall

Not a wall vs a Wall

In a perfect world you, whomever you are, can drive the news cycle. Donald Trump is better at it than anyone. That includes setting them up to drive the news cycle. You say something. The knee-jerk left says the opposite. You make them look like a fool.

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Thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), this has never been easier. The left is so obsessed with their hatred for the right and Trump they repeat nonsense softballs you can belt out of the park. It happens at every level.

Nashua Democrat Jan Schmidt has a similar problem with GraniteGrok. She’s so unhinged about it that she writes things without a shred of proof to back them up.  ‘Grok Hates Women – with a passion especially if they speak up.

That might be news to Kimberly Morin, Susan Olsen, Michelle Levell, Ann Marie Banfield, Ellen Kolb, Judy Aron. Wait, I’m not done.

Carolyn McKinney, Doris Hohensee, Jane Cormier, Shannon McGinley, Betsy McCaughey, and dozens of women from House Reps, to State Senators, to local residents (and even Tulsi Gabbard). All women. We have sought out featured or shared the opinions of hundreds of women in podcasts and on video.

Yes, we made room on our platform for Demcorat presidential candidate (and a woman) Tulsi Gabbard, and she was kind enough to accept. As I noted in the piece, if we hate women who speak up, we are really bad at it. But facts don’t matter to unhinged Democrats.

This infection has spread through their entire party in no small thanks to their vast corporate media arm, which is entirely off the rails with TDS.

A Big Beautiful Wall

DHS and Border Patrol have never had a better advocate than Donald Trump. They, and many others, have followed his lead and embraced the snark. You say this; they cry foul, you make them look like a fool.

Case in point. DHS celebrated a milestone. One-hundred new miles of border wall. The media, refusing to give Trump any PR wins, rebutted it, but DHS wasn’t having any.


If we were to use the reasonable person standard, DHS has the win. On the left (ironically), we have a pathetic looking thing that passes if only barely for a fence. On the right, we have another type of barrier. An obstacle that the left refers to as Trump’s wall until they need it to be something else.

And isn’t that just the entire Democrat machine in a nutshell?

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