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Democrats Blaming Trump and Not Iranian Lone Wolf Missile for Taking Out Passenger Plane

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Dateline: Jan. 8, 2020 – New Hampshire Blogger predicts Democrats will blame your president for the rocket attack on a civilian passenger plane over Iran. One day later, it happens. Pete Butt Edge Edge (and other Dems) blame Trump. 

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Wait, what happened to the right to choose?

“Choice” is politically bipolar on the left, by choice.

Women can choose to “shootdown” babies in the womb before they have a chance to object, but Democrats are not responsible for murder. Mass shooters don’t decide to kill people; the gun is responsible.

Bill Clinton didn’t want to fly on the Lolita Express (dozens of times) with Jeffy Epstein (who didn’t hang himself) to his underage child-sexual-assault paradise.

Hillary’s choice of a private unsecured server was not meant to allow sensitive or privileged information to fall into the hands of our enemies, so it’s not her fault.

Obama and Clinton chose to do nothing to defend our embassy in Benghazi (a video killed four Americans). So, Iran, which is at war with us, could choose to do nothing after their General was killed for killing Americans. But, a missile (on its own ‘cuz Donald Trump) took out a passenger plane outside Tehran anyway.

Sixty-plus Canadians died. A whole lot of Iranians, a few Brits and Germans. Because Iran, which is such a threat that it can’t hit anything but a passenger plane with a rocket, decided that commercial plane was a threat. And that’s Trump’s fault.

We can assume that a president, Butt Edge Edge would have done what? The same thing as Justin Trudeau. Nothing. A few words, a call for transparency. Maybe a pallet of cash?

For the sake of consistency, I really think Democrats should be blaming this lone wolf missile.

The Band Played On

There will be no propaganda funeral for the 80 (or so) Iranians that Iran shot out of the sky. It’s not politically expedient. Until it is.

Democrats in the US think it is politically expedient to blame Trump for what Iran chose to do. Might as well add it to the articles of impeachment along with a picture of him eating ice cream (how many scoops?) while waiting for the strike on Qasem Soleimani.

And do you think for one moment that this behavior by members of this party does not translate down to the ground level and your daily lives? You’re damn right it does. If you step out of line or get in their way, they will use the state to lean into you as hard and as often as necessary. To silence you and send a message.

There is nothing more important to Democrats than political power, and only one thing you can do to protect yourself from that. Don’t elect them into a position of authority.

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