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Another Day … Another Low for Rosemarie Rung


The GIF is from the movie Captain Phillips, where murderous Somali pirates seize a U.S. ship and take the captain and crew hostage.

So here we have “Representative” (note the quotes) Rung (a/k/a “HornyGrammy for her twitter stalking of GOP Rep Gates Lucas) suggesting that Chris Ager is the equivalent of a murderous Somali pirate … which makes everyone who voted for and/or supported Ager to represent New Hampshire on the RNC … the equivalent of murderous Somali pirates.

Rung is an embarrassment to the New Hampshire House, to the entire State as well … and especially to the town of Merrimack. This bilious tweet and many, many other previous tweets (review her twitter, if you don’t believe me) show that she is not fit to hold any public office. Hopefully, the voters in Merrimack retire her and her bile in November, 2020.

One other thing. Imagine if a GOP Rep had tweeted this about the Dem’s DNC-representative. The entire N.H. Democrat Party and the entire N.H. press-corps would be screaming … RACIST … and I have no doubt that Rung would be among those shrieking the loudest.