Abortion: The Question is Not When Life Begins, But Why Democrats Want to End It? - Granite Grok

Abortion: The Question is Not When Life Begins, But Why Democrats Want to End It?


The argument that abortion is acceptable because we don’t know when life begins is absurd. Absent conception human life is an impossibility. After conception, it continues until it is interrupted. Abortion is an interruption.

I admit I didn’t always understand that. It’s one of those issues most people avoid like the plague.  And plenty of single folks who were (or are) dating and “dating” are not ready or interested in parenthood. Pretending abortion was like an appendectomy was (and is) a big lie that works.

I outgrew that big lie, but it has since gotten bigger. The left is now happy to interrupt life from conception to birth and beyond. To profit, fundraise, and even launder taxpayer dollars through political advocates and the abortion business who reward their support with kickbacks in the form of campaign donations.

To deny them this scheme is an assault on women’s health, the aborted women of the future aside. And isn’t that important?

A woman begins her journey at conception. It doesn’t start on a dating app or Tinder. The beginning is not a movie, dinner, dancing, or a series of these activities, with or without drinks. She does not come into being until she is conceived. And she will grow and develop and learn until her life ends or is ended.

This is a fact for all of us.

Taking that life from her in the womb is not a badge of honor. You ended a life. And until we stop pretending otherwise millions of “women” will be denied the opportunity to experience all life has to offer, regardless of what kind of health care mom has or who pays for it.

All because Democrats want to launder your tax dollars through abortion advocates to backstop their socialist political agenda. This is why they will defend abortion at all costs because curtailing it costs them, as a party, millions.

It’s not about healthcare, or rights, or when life begins. It’s about money and power.