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You’da thunk that the Union Leader would at least use Matt Mayberry’s picture, right?

Matt Mayberry / WMUR

Steve used pics of all THREE Matts running to put Pappas back in his kitchen. But the Union Leader decided to put Matt’s opponent’s picture in the article about Matt Mayberry. What schlubs!

Certainly couldn’t use Matt’s name in the title of the piece either, you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just for their own stuff, right? Nope – only Pappas. And they couldn’t even put it in the first sentence, either (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Former state GOP vice chairman to challenge Pappas

DOVER — Rep. Chris Pappas will have some competition for the 1st Congressional District.

At least they got Matt’s hometown right – and proceeded to put Pappas’s name right there.

Matthew Mayberry, a Dover resident and former vice chairman of the state Republican party, said he plans to file his candidacy papers in January.

Couldn’t do their homework and mention that he’s the current Chair of the NH Human Rights Commission as well?

Mayberry is the first Republican to say he will run against Pappas. The National Republican Congressional Committee had in February designated the seat one of its 55 targets for the 2020 election. As of Sept. 30, Pappas had raised almost $900,000 for a reelection campaign, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Yes, Mayberry is gonna have to raise a lot of cash quickly – ditto for Mowers and Berill, the other two Matts mentioned to jump into this mashup.

Mayberry said he is running in part because he is frustrated with Congress. “When I see dysfunction in Washington, how 500 grown adults can’t get along and can’t get anything done, it just repulses me,” he said.  Mayberry said he wants to direct more federal funds to New Hampshire and find ways to empower local people to decide how to spend the money.“ I want us to get our fair share,” he said. “We should at least get back every dollar that we send to Washington.”

Steve would be first to say this but I’ll join in; while getting our money back is worthwhile, what would be optimal is not having it taken from NH in the first place. Instead of (my words now) getting it back with lots of strings attached and the Feds taking their “vigorish” just to return it to us.

I know that NH knows better how to spend NH money than DC. And being much smaller, we can be much nimbler and faster at making decisions as well.

He was reluctant to say why he would do a better job than Pappas, and said he did not want to malign the first-term Democratic congressman.

Malign?  You’d best be able to make those differences; to make them sharp and make them fast.  That is how the other side will behave. Don’t make the mistake of using Marquis of Queensbury rules against left-wing MMA. If you don’t learn from that, be prepared to have your lunch money taken from you – quickly.  ANY Republican making that mistake will have a new nickname: Mitt Romney.

Other Republicans are more eager to attack Pappas. Nina McLaughlin, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, has issued seven statements criticizing Pappas in just the last month.

Sigh…ignored again. Nina is a nice lady but “seven…in just the last month” can’t hold much of our candle. But then, again, we’ve been punching at the UL for a while as it is becoming just another dot in the Leftward MSM sea.

THIS Matt has already agreed to come in for a GrokGauntlet.  Seeing that things are going to really start heating up after the New Year, I’m hoping the other Matts will do so as well.