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We Called It: Democrat Jeff Woodburn Admits to Leaking Image Under Protective Order

Jeff Woodburn

Former Senator (but still a Democrat) Jeff Woodburn is awaiting trial on domestic abuse charges. Back in July – probably to delay trial – someone in his circle leaked a privileged image placed under a protective order. I suggested it was Woodburn.

But before the court can work that out someone, probably Jeff Woodburn, deliberately leaked material under a protective order. Given that Woodburn was a lawmaker, you’d think he’d be opposed to someone ignoring rules and laws as if they don’t apply to them.

The Union leader reported in early December that Jeffy had admitted to the deed.

“…in a Dec. 3 order, Bornstein wrote that the state’s concerns were moot because in an Oct. 28 stipulation in support of his objection to the state’s motion to disqualify defense counsel, Woodburn said he had “personally e-mailed” the prohibited image to a person whose name was redacted and that he “did not act on the advice of counsel” when he did so.”

I should have written that Woodburn would admit to leaking the image, not that he necessarily did. And so, he has, but not on the advice of counsel. Which tells me he did it on the advice of counsel (no evidence just my speculation) to delay the trial. A former lawmaker who admits he broke the law.

You can find Woodburn’s “Grok dossier” here for review. The Woodburn Chronicles, if you prefer.

It includes admissions of a violent temper and his dismay at how that applies to the case before us. You’ll also find some remarks from high ranking North Country Democrats who don’t #BelieveWomen when it comes to this #MeToo sort of narrative they had running hard in those days.

Good times. Plenty of hypocrisy.

As for Woody, he still awaits trial and is going to argue self-defense. This huge man destroyed her personal property, pushed and even bit a small woman to defend himself? A Democrat who, while in elected office, did not believe in your constitutional right to self-defense.

But like I said, plenty of hypocrisy.