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The Democrat’s Proposed Regional Gas Tax Hike is a Tax Hike on Everything and Everyone


Transportation costs have a direct downstream impact on everything, from the money that comes out of your wallet at the pump to the cost of goods and services. So, as the Left plays word games to support a new regional Transportation Initiative, understand that it isn’t just a gas tax.

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It’s a tax on gas (transportation fuels) and, therefore, a tax on everything. A Transportation tax. A levy on the movement of people and goods that no one can escape. It is an act of theft on one of the grandest scales.

To make it sound like something it is not, proponents call it other things. It’s a Cap and Invest program. We’re going to cap emissions and invest in the future.

I’m sure they find that idea arousing. But what statist thief would not? It’s actually a No Cap and Divest program.

There’s no cap on the extent of the theft allowed by the unelected commission that sets this gas tariff. And you can’t divest yourself from their meddling as they divest you of your hard-earned dollars — money taken by force from producers to feed an unproductive state.

TCI is Regressive

The transportation tax will impact individuals, job creators, consumers, users of public transportation, taxpayers, and low-income folks at an incrementally higher rate. This means that Democrats are punishing poor people for backfilling cash into the pockets of “stake-holders” in the green industry who, not uncoincidentally, reward Democrats with political contributions to keep the gravy flowing.

Even if you walk to the store, you will be punished. Everything in the logistics chain relies (at some point) on fuels that will be taxed under TCI. Those costs will be passed down to consumers in the prices they pay, job creators in the cost of doing business, and taxpayers in the cost of government.

The force of this imposition is cumulative across every point of impact will put the brakes on our booming local economy.

Say it like the Papa Joh’s ads – Fewer Job, Higher Prices, That’s Democrat leadership.

Control, Control!

NHPR has a primer on the soon to be released details. Progressive foreplay. Something over which to scrub their hands as they cackle into the darkness of their subterranean lairs.

There’s millions of [transportation] point sources zooming around the region, often driven by single willful humans. And so how do you regulate them? And then there’s many, many more regulated entities to potentially regulate that actually supply the fuel to those millions of people driving.

The left seeks to control, to paraphrase a standard communist dictum, of “the means of transportation.” 

In our modern economy, that is everything. But it is a cost they are willing to make you pay to “drive” us toward the Left’s preferred outcomes. Electric vehicles (worse for the environment). Commuter rail (impractical money pit – especially in NH), or other public transportation (which will cost more because of the fuel tax). 

A tax that Massachusetts admits would have dire consequences for the Bay State if New Hampshire refused to go along for the ride. (Because it would create a choice that would push more jobs and economic activity into the Granite State).

To sum up.

Choice A: Buy-in to TCI (Climate and tax fraud) and hitch a ride on the downward slope of struggling tax-and-spend northeastern economies.

Choice B: Ignore the fearmongering and put the New Hampshire advantage on economic steroids by saying no to TCI.

Democrats want A; everyone else should choose B. There is a proposed bill to make joining TCI legal.