Sports Illustrated Tries to Make a Sacrifice to Angry Leftwing gods - Gets What It Deserves - Granite Grok

Sports Illustrated Tries to Make a Sacrifice to Angry Leftwing gods – Gets What It Deserves

Megan Rapinoe

Let’s call it a genderless dog bites transman story. Another case of someone or something trying to appease the Left’s angry gods only to discover it’s never enough. What do I mean? Sports Illustrated #Woke up one morning and decided to give an award to Millionaire World Cup Soccer Harpy Megan Rapinoe. 

Back in July, after the World Cup and Megan’s mouth almost made her a household name, I noted that her behavior,

“…tells us something about Megan Rapinoe. She may travel the world but her mind doesn’t get out much. It’s defined and insulated by the echo-chamber cast by the liberal media.”

Rapinoe went on an anti-Trump rant to justify her refusal to visit the White House. We itemized several actual examples of how wrong she was reducing her to little more than a mouthpiece for the Trump-hating media.

Sports Illustrated (SI), which probably makes more money showcasing nearly-naked women than it does on sports reporting, tried to do the SJW’s a solid. It chose Rapinoe as its Sportsperson of the year. She repaid the honor by crapping on SI in her acceptance speech.

“Is it true so few writers of color deserve to be featured in this publication? No. Is it true so few women’s voices deserve to be heard and deserve to be read in this publication? I don’t think so.”

Thanks, but it’s not enough.

I’m surprised she didn’t find room to blame global warming on the lack of diversity, though, demographically, the warmer parts of the world have more people of color, which would make Climate Change racist. Historically racist white liberals working hard to keep the world cooler, why?

Maybe the next speech. The Nobel Committee must be eying her for some honor. They gave the drone assassin Obama one for Peace (murdering PLO fanatic Yasser Arafat got one as well). Al Gore and the IPCC shared one for pushing socialism through climate policy.

Megan is, herself, a prize. An incredibly talented athlete who has gone out of her way to use that gift to make Soccer less popular in the United States.

I suppose someone should thank her, but they probably don’t want to have to listen to her response. Like saying the otherwise neutral “how you doin'” to someone who then rants for twenty minutes about how they are doing and how awful everything is in their life. 

The next time around, put your head down and keep walking. 

It’s the same reason Colin Kaepernick will never work in Sports again. Another millionaire who can’t just shut the f**k up and do his job. He has to bring his own BS into everything. Even people who are sympathetic get tired of this crap and begin to turn it off.

For which they are then accused of being bigots and racists.

Pro-Tip: Don’t give them an inch. They’ll just pull on the end and try to beat you with the rest of it.