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Sorry, you’re wrong – leave the kids out of it.


I’ve said for years that kids shouldn’t be involved in politics on either side of the aisle and when politicians and partisans do so (e.g., elementary kids marching with signs for one argument or another and you KNOW they haven’t a clue). All they’re doing is using kids as political pawns and its wrong. The Left does it to use them as shields even up to the age of a Greta Thunberg on climate change or David Hogg on gun confiscation. Or, as is being done locally, a second grade boy / girl for the gender dysphoric crowd. Whatever happened to the days when parents kept them out of the fray in an effort to protect their innocence? Or has the Left gone in so much that EVERYONE has to go all in?

We’ve railed about teachers and professors spouting off socialist propaganda instead of teaching their assigned subjects – that’s wrong (and at the college level, sue the for breach of contract instead of letting them believe their little classrooms are their personal fiefdoms). It’s ALSO wrong for the same on the Right to do the same thing – and this teacher got what she deserved (reformatted, emphasis mine):


A Utah substitute teacher was fired this month after allegedly criticizing a fifth grade boy who told the class he was thankful for his two adoptive dads. The incident occurred last Friday at the Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills after the sub asked students about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. When the 11-year-old child remarked about his two fathers, she allegedly described two men living together as a sin. The teacher continued on an anti-homosexuality tirade for 10 minutes and told the boy “that’s nothing to be thankful for,” Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The issue was raised with the school principal by three students who took objection to the offensive comments and the teacher was escorted from the building. The educator, who has not been identified, was reportedly hired via an agency known as Kelly Services. The situation was first highlighted on social media last week by Louis Van Amstel, who is adopting the child alongside his partner Joshua Van Amstel.

“The substitute teacher was giving her very clear opinion, two men is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, and so you can imagine that set us off, and we are not letting this go,” Louis Van Amstel said in a post with thousands of views. “I am so proud of [the boy’s] school, not only did they let go of the teacher they said this woman is never going to teach in the school ever again.”

Nor should she.  Laura Ingraham, now of Fox News, wrote a book “Shut Up And Sing” about music (et al) celebrities, once they get paid customers’ butts into a hall’s seats, don’t perform but launch into tirades.  Sure, they have a right to their opinion but not on my time and dime. You’ve been paid to perform – do your job.

It also applies to teachers and professors – and to this teacher.  In the classroom, teach. On other subjects, keep your yap shut and your opinions to yourself.  In this case, she never should have said anything – you are teaching kids in a public school on the taxpayer dime and not at a political rally or a church. She was wrong to make an example of the kid and she was wrong to have used her faith as a club on an elementary school child. He doesn’t know any better or any different.

They were right to let her go.

(H/T: Newsweek)