No People of Color Made the Cut so White-Guilt Dems ask DNC for Debate Affirmative Action - Granite Grok

No People of Color Made the Cut so White-Guilt Dems ask DNC for Debate Affirmative Action

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None of my ancestors owned black slaves. They weren’t even on the continent when many thousand died in a war that ultimately freed them. I’m not up for reparations, white guilt, or affirmative actions. I’m more an MLK content over color (or anything else), guy. Democrats, not so much.

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Content or character over color doesn’t get the ax ground the way they like it on the left, so even if they do not have white guilt they have to pretend, which brings us to the December 19th planned Democrat Presidential debate. Based on polling and donations, Democrats want to see white people.

That disturbs them that “their base is racist” – if we’re playing by their rules.

In a grand gesture of tokenism, or maybe its affirmative action, they wrote a letter!

The letter, sent to the DNC Saturday afternoon, is signed by Booker, Castro and all seven presidential candidates who have already qualified for the December debate. It urges the committee to alter its debate qualifications for the January and February debates in a way that would allow Booker and Castro and potentially several other candidates to appear.

It’s all window dressing. The top 7 do not care if Booker or Castro appear. I think they do care if Tulsi Gabbard was there. She qualified but chose to spend that time with ‘her people,’ meaning supports or potential supporters. Personally, I’d like to see her up there. She’s the only reason to watch. 

As the Kamala campaign killer, her presence changes the calculus completely. At any moment, she could unleash some badass broadside that might make another aspirant take on water and sink into obscurity.

Maybe she doesn’t have a white pantsuit to wear. That’s her debate thing.

The DNC doesn’t care what Tulsi wears, or that she won’t be present. It also, so far, isn’t interested in changing the rules. And who could blame them? They’ve got a history of rule-breaking to benefit the wishes of primary candidates.

It might not be a good idea to keep at that.

People will begin to realize that this is also how they govern.

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