Can Democrats Overcome "Systemic Racial Inequality" When They Can't Manage it in Their Own Primary? - Granite Grok

Can Democrats Overcome “Systemic Racial Inequality” When They Can’t Manage it in Their Own Primary?

Demcorats rich white pasty

New Hampshire Democrats pretend a lot. They pretend socialism will work this time. They dream about creating a world with equality of outcome, and the force needed to make that happen (socialism). They also pretend to want diversity, but look at who they want for President?

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For all the carping about race and racism and people of color and minority populations and underserved-this-or-that, the presidential candidates to which the Democrats are drawn are old, rich, and white.

As the party of slavery, Jim Crowe, and every other indignity heaped upon minorities, we on the right are not surprised. 

Republicans freed the slaves, gave them the vote, and freed them from systemic Democrat party oppression. Our reward was to have a majority of them go right back to their “abusive” co-dependent relationship with liberals Democrats who have the nerve to call us racist.

Here in New Hampshire, which is too white™, Republicans nominate minorities for congress all the time – who then lose to white Democrats. Jim Lawrence and Eddie Edwards are two outstanding Black Republicans. Marilinda Garcia and Steve Negron hail from Hispanic backgrounds. All Republicans nominated by Republicans (in too-white New Hampshire™).

The Democrats got no color but white to nominate in federal elections, and despite a field of Presidential contenders with people of color, the ones the Democrats (especially the far left-ish primary voting variety) all favor old, rich whitey! (Boot-a-jij is young but more a token temporary fashion than a likely nominee and white.)

Harris is out. Spartacus is an afterthought. The only Democrat with any color that’s interesting to the primary-voting Left is Tulsi Gabbard, mostly because she nuked Kamal Harris for her hypocrisy on the crime and incarceration of people of color.

Gabbard may not make the cut for the next debate. If she does not, the stage will be that pasty shade of rich white liberal that in days of yore was responsible for slavery Jim Crowe and opposed every effort by Republicans to grant equality and dignity to minorities in America.

Democrats will pretend that should bother them, but they won’t appear the least bit interested in doing anything about that so to answer the question in the headline no. They can’t. Because it’s not actually important to them and their presidential primary is proof.

All they care about is using people of color (or women, or gays, or whoever) so that rich white liberals can acquire power. Once they have it nothing else will matter, including you.