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NH Vape Sales up 76% Since Massachusetts Banned Vaping in the Bay State


Charlie Baker is a registered Republican in Massachusetts. Even real Republicans know what that means (Democrat) – and Democrats surround him. So the knee-jerk 4-month vaping ban in the Bay State was not surprising. Nor was the massive uptick in sales in New Hampshire.

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A few surprise deaths (from black market cartridges) and boom ban it all! Well, they wanted to ban it anyway.  And, “What do I have to say to that? Welcome to New Hampshire!” Where the gas is also cheaper, and there’s no sales tax 365 days a year!

Stock up, go home happy.

While multiple vape shops have closed and countless employees laid off in Massachusetts, shops in New Hampshire and Maine have seen sales balloon 76 percent. As the cars with Massachusetts plates pull into gas stations that sell vaping products, a lot of places are offering a discount to Massachusetts residents, and they’re filling up at the same time. That’s bad for the state’s upcoming transportation gas taxes.

We’ve got a few articles on gas taxes here. As for vaping, there is more to that story. It is the latest boogeyman on the left. They are crazy to regulate or ban it and I think I finally found out why.

After genetically modified crops and fracking, what innovation will be next to get stopped in its tracks by vested interests? Vaping, I reckon. It’s an open secret that the pharmaceutical industry pours money into anti-vaping campaigns because the technology is a threat to their lucrative nicotine patches and gums, which they have been getting doctors to prescribe to smokers trying to quit for years.

The Green battle against genetically modified crops, by the way, has been a cash cow for pesticide manufacturers. If you are not growing crops engineered to defend themselves from insects and disease, you need to spray them or waste a lot of energy on crops that fail. With pesticides, lots of chemistry end up in places (at least according to the same people opposing GMOs) like in the food, soil, and water (that means inside you).

GMO is actually harmless and significantly safer for you and the environment, but money talks and green groups squawk then spend it like the water used for fracking – also noted in the same article, which I referenced here.

Long story short, ax-grinding leftists grind axes to grow their email lists and add donors. GMO, Alar, MBTE, PFAS/PFOA, Plastic Bags, Fracking, Straws, vaping, and let’s not forget climate change. And those lists are worth money to Democrat campaigns and other activist groups.

The bottom line is never the thing they are carping about it is organizing to advance socialism. Government interference in vaping is no different.

So, yes, Massachusetts and many other places are just the latest victims of the most recent thing, which is vaping hysteria. And like all the rest of it, they are lying.

Unlike e-cigarettes, which are the most effective aids to quitting yet found, Big Pharma’s products don’t work very well. So they are worried.

The hyperbolic language follows demands for state intervention if they can find a cause and get you to buy into once, they will do it again until the Left has what it is truly after – a state into which no public intervention is possible.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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