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Newspaper Newsroom Staffs Have Declined 47% in the Past Ten Years


A friend of mine just told me that the Nashua Telegraph has too few reporters. They can’t cover the news in Nashua, let alone investigate or pursue stories. Hold politicians accountable. They are not alone. From 2008 to 2018, print media newsrooms cut 33,000 jobs.

And while the economy has rebounded in recent years, newspapers took another hit in 2018. In fact, some newspapers suffered more than one round of layoffs.

“Layoffs have pummeled U.S. newspapers in recent years. Roughly a quarter of U.S. newspapers with an average Sunday circulation of 50,000 or more (27%) experienced layoffs in 2018,” said the analysis. It added, “the layoffs came on top of the roughly one-third (32%) of papers in the same circulation range that experienced layoffs in 2017.”

We are happy to help fill the void – which drives the left insane. And we’re building the digital architecture to provide portals for news and opinion in cities and towns where traditional newspapers are failing.

And it is needed. Nashua, as an example, is descending rapidly into a one-party pit of corruption. No one to advertise the mistreatment of taxpayers or abuse by bureaucrats or elected officials. There is a desperate need for citizen journalism in that city and a place to share it.

We’ve got the place. All we need are a few citizens to help do the digging, writing and reporting. There are also similar opportunities in the Monadnock region, Greater Manchester, and the Lakes Region.

The pay sucks – there isn’t any, but the rewards are hard to beat. Communicating local events with your fellow citizens and exposing corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance (or good stuff).

As print media dies, what little oversight existed when it thrived will dwindle. Town and city governments suffer from the same weaknesses as State and Federal. Human beings drawn to positions of power are the ones most likely to abuse it.

We’ll do what we can, but we need your help.

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