NeverTrump’s Descent Into Madness … - Granite Grok

NeverTrump’s Descent Into Madness …

Skip has a comprehensive post up on NeverTrump’s latest … the “Lincoln Project” … ANY Democrat is Preferable to Trump, Jennifer Horn? Even Socialists? You should read it.

I think its worth repeating the point that NeverTrump has become the “anonymous United States major” who supposedly said … essentially … “in order to save the village, we had to destroy the village.”

With NeverTrump it is … In order to save the country, we have to destroy the country.

NeverTrump … as discussed in Skip’s post … has as its goal not just the election of a DemocRAT President, but a DemocRAT Congress as well. From the NeverTrump editorial unveiling the “Lincoln Project”:

Imagine what a DemocRAT President and a DemocRAT Congress would do to this country. It would be unrecognizable in a couple of years. It would be the economy of Venezuela and the oppressive Police-State of fascist China. It would be the end of America as we know it.

Apparently that is how bitter and broken Jen Horn and her ilk have become … In order to “save the country,” they’re willing to destroy the country.