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It’s Hard to tell Jim Comey Planted Stories From Chinese Propaganda

James Comey

According to this report, China has been paying the NYT and the Washington Post to print propaganda for 29 years. But we all knew this was going on just by being endlessly insulted with garbage news from those two fake, but real communist propaganda, news outlets.

“China routinely broke federal law by not disclosing how much it spent to publish regime propaganda in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers, an expert review of foreign agent registration filings concluded.”

Some surprise.

With former FBI Director, Lying Comey, leaking to the New York Times, and communist China filling in between his targeted hits on President Trump, what is there about our “major news outlets” worth believing?

Were the Washington Post and NYT trying to influence our elections as Lying Comey and the Crossfire Hurricane team were attempting a soft coup against a sitting president?

Sure, they were!

Every enemy of the United States knows full well Deep State traitors are willing to help destroy the one shining example of human freedom on this small planet.

Most of the worst America haters have Ivy League degrees, by the way. So, it is easy to contact traitors from outside our almost non-existent borders.

As lawful, taxpaying, family-oriented citizens who believe in small government and personal responsibility, we have only ourselves to blame. Give an inch to leftists, and they demand a mile.

But a lot of how progressives accomplish undercutting and stealing our freedoms can be stopped next November if we send a message and vote them out wherever we can.

In 2020 we can take the liberal, Third World Democrats off life support. There are some new leaders on the conservative side exemplified by their heroic battle with the corrupt impeachment sham.

Without a corrupt DOJ, IRS, FISA Court, and Mainstream Mainland China Media, what do they have? They have a bunch of babysitting colleges indoctrinating children loaded with debt.

The Democrat candidates, with one or two exceptions, are a bunch of arm waving socialist or doddering old fools. Minorities, if you believe the polls, are abandoning their voter ghettos — not good news for the ancient ones at the top of the liberal peak.

I like our chances.

If you are savvy enough to keep up with Granite Grok, you might want to peruse Citizen’s Free Press (like Drudge but simple and “right”).

Let our liberal friends keep reading Chinese propaganda and planted articles by the Deep State.