Irony Alert: NPR Chooses 'Disinformation' as Its Word of the Year - Granite Grok

Irony Alert: NPR Chooses ‘Disinformation’ as Its Word of the Year

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Nancy Pelosi Radio (NPR) has announced its word of the year. Disinformation. It often appears in the “press” according to their reporting. But wait until you read the framework around which they base this. Make sure you are not drinking anything when you read it.

Russia successfully fingered Ukraine for the 2016 Election Meddling.

Just so we’re clear, Russia has tried to meddle in every election since it freed itself from one sort of Tsar and replaced them with another. There are always misinformation campaigns. Not just from Russia. But in recent years, that has resulted in massive amounts of disinformation appearing in public – because of media outlets like NPR and (NHPR).

Ukraine was heavily involved, so to suggest otherwise is itself, disinformation. An ongoing success story (Russian or otherwise) because the FBI, DNC, Clinton, CIA, other foreign nations, rank, and file Democrats, and their Media Allies, sold disinformation 24/7/365 to try and impeach the president until Bob Mueller’s report, and later his testimony ruined it for them.

That disinformation campaign abruptly ended when it became clear it got its legs from Liberals and the media. 

Of Course, it hasn’t ended. Ukrainegate is the same whore in a new dress. The latest ‘scandal’ ginned up by progressives (and the poo-flinging press monkeys) to remove Mr. Trump from office. To help this along the media is spreading disinformation and ignoring (the same as with Spygate) any evidence or testimony that shows the misinformation for what it is – partisan lies.

A habit that keeps costing them viewers, listeners, and readers, when honest information breaks through their noise machine.

They are not wrong to name it the word of the year. But for an outlet like NPR, who has been peddling in liberal lies for decades, it is the word of the year every year. They have a different term for it.  They call it “reporting.”