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House Democrats- We Voted for Impeachment, and We’d Like to Do It Again, Please!


Ask a Democrat, and they will tell you, Trump has to go. It’s a moral imperative. They even held a performance in Congress and took a vote. Two thumbs up. Five Stars. A real winner. Impeach the MF-er. And then they decided they didn’t want to be too hasty.

Pelosi and company have become bitter clingers – “conserving” the articles of impeachment, refusing to pass them along to the Senate. No hope of a fair trial, she said. But that’s not how this works. The vote was taken, the articles passed, they move to the Senate for trial.

Democrats don’t want that. It will be bad for them politically. Their show trial, which was a polling nightmare, could become a full-blown public relations disaster.

What to do?

Wait, let’s impeach him again!

AP reports Democrats are threatening to add more articles and, presumably, have another vote to approve them.

The reasons are irrelevant. It has nothing to do with any what or why they advertise. The purpose is to justify an indefinite delay. DO whatever it takes to keep the articles from leaving the House probably until they get some polling or focus group results that hint at some advantage.

I’m sure Trump and Republicans are okay with it.

Every exercise by House Democrats results in huge fundraising gains on the right.

It tarnishes Democrats in Red states or Trump districts who stand to lose in 2020.

I had a conversation with someone the other day about this about why? What reason could Pelosi have for the slow-Band-aAid-peeling path of torture?

No matter what happens, she won’t lose.

She may lose her majority, but not her position in power. No Democrats in leadership have anything to fear politically. They’ll all still be plugged into the DC machine, with media air cover, to ride out the storm until the next election.

But if there is a chance to do some damage to their opponents. Force a few more retirements in a few swing districts. Open up a would here or there. Sacrificing 5o Freshman, or whatever number it is, is a small price to pay.

It is a lesson I have been teaching for years, to Black and Hispanic Americans, women, gays, blue-collar workers, teachers, and students. You are being used. They are playing on your emotions to deny you the freedom to think, feel, say, or believe what you want.

Just give us a bit more power. We’ll use it to silence those we say are discriminating against you. Using the wrong words. 

If you had even casual contact with the House investigation, you’d understand that due process goes out the window. Justice is on their terms, and the investigation continues until you are found guilty.

If you think being in the Left’s favor today protects you forever, you are a fool or more accurately a tool. The moment you are no longer of any use to them, they will discard you. If you dare to object, they’ll intimidate you. If you refuse to lay down, they will find you guilty of something.

A government can’t manage the sort of society thy promise without a police state.

If you let them have one, they will not give it up without a fight.

The impeachment circus is just the highest-profile example of their willingness to abuse power that we’ve been able to see. All to cover up a massive abuse of power by a previous president and his party that they don’t want you to believe is possible.

Just remember, if Trump were never elected, we’d have never heard about any of this and, they’d be expanding its use and abuse.

If he is not re-elected with Republican support, it will never end, and we’ll never find a way to end the spying and abuse of power in the US Intelligence Community. Or, anywhere else in the swamp.

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