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DISQUS Doodlings – Treehugger thinks Joe Biden is a NeoConservative? Hahahahahaha!


I AM going to try to make a valiant attempt to get caught up now that TMEW’s case of shingles is now over and she’s back to her normal self (and effectively kept me from writing for most of 3 months). Didn’t stop me from READING – just not enough sustained and continued time to cogently (well, to what is my level of that anyways) write.  Er, 3 year old Grandson. Enough said.

Back in September, 16 year old Swedish Greta Thunberg (who has a host of self-admitted mental issues) gave what I thought was a horrible, angry, and self-serving speech to a UN meeting. The only long term upshots of it are these:

  • The Left thinks she’s the second coming of Joan of Arc (the irony – she was burned at the stake)
  • “How DARE you!” has become a meme all to itself by those of us on the Right.

Great fun has ensued.  Well, Treehugger certainly covered the after effects of that speech with the expected “Huzzah! Let’s live our lives according to the diktats of a high school sophomore!” (or now, a high school dropout as she’s gone all David Hogg on this). Rather furious responses to any one (who, moi?) who opposed said groupthink (they didn’t like it when I said if MY 16 year old had talk to me like that, “soap” and “mouth” would have been included in that conversation). The eco-socialists have very little sense of humor.

But THIS DISQUS exchange was hilarious, and of course, the dour ones had no clue (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Snapperhead : I’m hoping meat substitutes and factory-grown meat will soon become cheaper for the food industry. I can’t imagine it’s cheap to house, herd, feed, inoculate, water, slaughter, and butcher millions of cattle. If they can build big machines that take in pea husks at one end and spit out artificial meat at the other. that would presumably be cheaper. Then real meat can just be a delicacy for special occasions, or for douchebags like Trumps’ sons.

Vindaloo Bugaboo  Snapperhead • 2 months ago

Then real meat can just be a delicacy for special occasions, or for douchebags like Trumps’ sons.

Funny how Joe Biden and all the other Democrat presidential candidates in Iowa this past weekend were serving up big, thick, juicy steaks to hundreds of people while also touting their commitment to the green revolution. The irony is wonderfully hypocritical.

Yeah, VB and I wind up the eco-socialists all the time. After all, we’re the Normals and they aren’t. It is clear, especially from “Snapperhead”, is that most of them aren’t happy just for them to have had the freedom to chose a more green lifestyle (and I do congratulate them for walking the talk) but want to use Government to live their way as well. Choice for them but not for us. But I digress but the steak issue certainly brings out the divide.

And then the hilarity (short lived due to lack of ability by uber-ecosocialist “Snapperhead”) ensued (at least by my standards. He didn’t take kindly to VB busting his chops by pointing out the “steak-fest” served up by the Democrat Prez Wannabees and made a WONDERFUL attempt at being an apologist:


Joe Biden is a neoconservative, warmongering, corrupt, lying, business-kissing asshat. And yes he’s completely hypocritical. He’s basically Trump Lite. If you can vote in the Democratic Primary in Arizona, Biden would be perfect for you to vote for. He’d be most in line with your values/ideas. Enjoy your steak dinner. And thank you for trolling, I mean reading, TreeHugger.

So I pitched in, slightly, just to get under his skin (not hard to do, btw, as he doesn’t take well to any dissent at all – any one offering dissent is automatically a troll. Methinks he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “troll”), about Biden’s place on the political spectrum:


He’s basically Trump Lite.

Hahahahahahaha! You ARE joking, right? There is NOTHING similar in Biden’s policies that match up with Trump’s. None at all.


hahahahaha! I’m easily the most Conservative/libertarian here and I can tell yo that Biden is no neoconservative.

Pile on:

Vindaloo Bugaboo:
You think Biden is a neoconservative? Well compared to the far-left socialist types like Bernie, Fauxcahontas, Robert Francis “Call me by my Hispanic name Beto” O’rourke, Booker, etc. then yes, I suppose you could say he is—but don’t kid yourself. Biden’s all for big government and expansion of the government state, entitlements, and higher taxes.

Independent voter here. Don’t think for a second that any of that rhetoric is going to resonate with me or my fellow voting bloc. And thank you for pretending you have the authority to speak on behalf of TreeHugger by squelching dissention of opinion.

This really comes down to how people see themselves on the political spectrum – and others.  I KNOW I’m a hard core Conservative but I can also recognize those in the middle, the former Blue Dog Democrats, centrists, and the Liberal Left. That last one, btw, doesn’t cover Progressives in either Party or rolling even further left to the hard core Socialists and, yes, Communists.  Sure, I can get it wrong but this is an example of someone SO far to the left such that “Biden” and “Conservative” could be used in the same sentence and be connected semantically?

That’s plain nuts. But it is done by more people than one would think – and generally from the Left side of the spectrum. I have read that the Left encases itself in such a bubble that it finds it difficult to debate the Right as the Right, having been attacked so much over the last few decades, has had to learn to recognize where someone is on that scale and then know their talking points.

To the point where they become Snapperhead and explode.

And then the realization hit: is this NH State Rep Jan Schmidt or Sherry Frost? Neither them have figured out that to keep us from commenting about them, having vocal or writing self-control would be rather helpful:

Vincent the teacher from Arizona, nobody’s trying to squelch your opinions. But it might be nice if someone squelched some of your trolling. For example, I’ve seen you both concede AND deny the existence of Climate Change…in the same week! Truly clever people know when to admit when they’re wrong. But it’s hard to ever call someone clever when they never admit they’re wrong. I’ve never seen you once admit that you’re wrong. In my mind, it’s a waste of time to discuss anything with someone like that. Have a nice day. Look out for sharp cactus there in Arizona.

I then let him in on THE not so disguised secret of the Right:


But it might be nice if someone squelched some of your trolling

Once again, another stereotype confirmed by the Left. The Left wants to silence ALL dissent – every single syllable. We on the Right, however, want those on the Left to keep talking and talking and talking.

Thanks for playing!

And there’s more about totalitarianism at that post in the comment section that I’d suggest you read, again having to deal with Snapperhead, VB, and me. It’s a wonderful Big Flashlight on how the Left sees itself and how it wants to handle anyone that disagrees with them (“SHUT UP! SILENCE!”). It is illustrative.