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Democrat’s Arbitrary Minimum Wage Laws Are Killing Jobs in a Booming Economy

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The economy under Donald Trump is setting records. Record low unemployment for minorities, and (well) just about everyone. Wages up, take-home pay up, disposable income up. State’s like NH have more jobs than people to fill them. And it is a climate where Democrat policies can still kill jobs.

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It’s no secret. We think minimum wage laws are bad for workers. There are hundreds of articles on these pages that explore the issues. One of which is the Democrats union-inspired, but otherwise arbitrary fight for fifteen. The left’s institutional obsession with imposing a $15.00 per hour minimum wage. It’s such a bad idea that it can kill jobs in a booming economy by making it impossible for businesses to operate.

New Hampshire Republicans and liberty activists take note. Democrats continue to push for this job-killing idea in several forms, all of them bad for our workers and our economy.

Beginning in 2020, the city of Seattle will increase the minimum wage for companies employing over 500 workers from $16 per hour to $16.39 per hour. Companies employing 500 workers or fewer will see their required minimum pay increase from $15 per hour to $15.75 per hour in the new year—if they do not contribute $2.25 per hour to medical benefits or the employee does not earn $2.25 per hour in tips.

As usual, a Democrat scheme sold as something designed to help low-income and un-skilled or under-skilled workers does the opposite. 

[Simone] Barron herself is a victim of this mandated pay raise. The restaurant at which she currently works, her former place of employment, and the restaurant at which she was hoping to work will all be closing in 2020, she said.

“All of this is due to the minimum wage increase paired with other laws that are coming down through our city council,” she explained.

Search Minimum wage on this site for more about that, and Seattle. We have plenty to report on that city’s decline under years of Democrat leadership.

And it’s not just Seattle. New York and California are having the same issue. In fact, this happens everywhere it is tried. So, let’s not try it here. The Granite State is an economic beacon in the Northeast. Democrats want policies and regulations that will knock us off that peak and take our job creators and workers with it.

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