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Culture War: Wait a minute! That Santa Guy is a White Male…

Christmas Santa

If the left’s culture war hasn’t found you yet, it will and not just on the seasonal front. But since it is The Season, here’s an opportunity for you to decide if the culture war is knocking on your door? Trigger warning. Santa is a white male. (Dramatic Music!)

The ‘War on Christmas™’ is a hill to die on for the left. While they are systematically turning Christianity into an empty collectivist pro-socialist faith, it still has elements they despise. 

Like family, traditional marriage (as the building block of society), and the biggest sin – Faith in something greater than the government (Dramatic Music!). There’s more, but we’ll leave it at that. Dems and their culture warrior #Resistance have it out for Christmas, but it doesn’t always work out the way the various factions plan.

The left took a hit last year when it tried to come out against the seasonal classic “Baby, It’s cold outside.” They’ll be back.

And Durham NH, a perennial cesspit of liberal anti-holiday gibberish (and a great deal of other culture war propaganda), got flack nationally for reducing the once traditional Christmas tree lighting into the generic ‘Frost Fest.’

So, it’s about time the Big White Guy took a hit (sorry, you’re right, no fat-shaming allowed). Western Journal is reporting on a survey which indicated that,

Nearly 28 percent of respondents said they thought Santa should be rebranded as a woman (10.6 percent) or as a “gender-neutral” individual (17.2 percent).

How about a guy dressed up as a woman dressed up as Santa? Now that’s Progressive! Patience, young culture warrior padawan. In time. Wait, no one suggested he lose some weight? Even those Campbell’s soup kids went on a diet in the 80s. What happened to them? Anorexia?

Damn You, Historical White Guy!

Of course, as the Western Journal piece points out, St. Nick was an actual guy. Maybe even a white guy. European. An ancestor of colonialist raiders who would rob and murder the indigenous people of North America (who were only there then why? Because they robbed and killed the people who came before them – but I digress).

Rumor (or history) has it that Nicholas was a third Century Bishop – later sainted. Guess why? He was persecuted and imprisoned for his Christian Faith. By the Romans. If he’d waited a few hundred years, it might have been the Musselman who repressed him. 

There are, of course, other Santa stories, but they all originate from Western Christian Culture. The Culture war is directed precisely at that. So, “Santa” may eventually succumb. Not long from now, he’ll be Sanders Clause. A cranky, angry-looking white guy (it’s okay he’s a liberal) crouched over a wooden box (is it a podium?) yelling at people about how he’s going to get the government to give them free s**t! (And his “Elf” looks a lot like a bartender from the Brox, or maybe Queens.)

Bereft of joy and meaning. Reducing us to benefactors of the State. Paying a premium (it’s not free s**t!) for a government that ultimately delivers one-star service (though it’s hard to tell from all the mandatory five-star reviews).

Or, not. I choose not. There are still some things with which even the left can’t mess (yet).