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Brits Want Brexit! UK Labor Party Wipeout – Boris’ Conservatives Score Huge Majority

Sky News - Boris Johnson

Boris got his election, and now he’s got his victory. There can be little doubt the Brits want out of the EU. They just handed their current PM, Boris Johnson, a yuge majority.

Boris Johnsons’ Conservative Party is projected to win a huge majority, while the opposing Labour Party is on track to record its worst result in decades. Labour leader and marxist Jeremy Corbyn has suggested he will not lead his party into another election. The election results indicate that his platform of massive social and tax structure change were too far left even for a socialist union like the UK.

Did someone tell Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? She publicly endorsed Corbyn.

UK voters crossed party lines to vote conservative just like American voters crossed party lines to vote Republican in 2016. UK voters are exhausted with the constant drama of Brexit, just as American voters are exhausted with the constant din of impeachment. Could this be at least a weak signal as to what will happen with the American voters come 2020?

Never fear. The American left will not see this as a signal for the need to moderate (translation: lie) about their priorities. They will continue to dive deep into the left end of an empty pool. If fortune is with us, the result will be a pile of angry socialists stuck in their own deep end and a Republican surge and Trump re-election landslide.

Not that such a victory would do much more than militarize the minority. But that’s fine. We’re the ones who believe in the right to self-defense if it should come to that.

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