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A Good Guy With a Gun, Actually A Few!

Girl with handgun

Democrats are hellbent on disarming the populace and chief amongst them here in NH is NH State Rep Katherine “you can’t shoot them but you can HIT them” Rogers (hitting a senior citizen lady while poll watching SIMPLY because Rogers hates the Second Amendment Rights that her victim stands for).

I could list examples of DGUs (Defensive Gun Uses) all day long (the CDC admits that they happen anywhere from a half to three million times a year) in which armed citizens protect themselves and/or those around them.  Here’s a couple (emphasis mine):

Protecting those around them, never firing a shot:

Nov. 2, Everett, Washington: A concealed-carry permit holder intervened to stop a mentally disturbed man who was endangering drivers by throwing chunks of concrete and metal pipes at cars passing by on the interstate. The man had damaged almost a dozen cars and was holding a large piece of metal when the permit holder drew his handgun and detained the man until police could arrive. One of the drivers whose car was damaged told reporters that she was thankful the permit holder saved her and other drivers from further harm.

Protecting themselves, perps paying for their brazenness/stupidity:

Nov. 7, Glen Burnie, Maryland: A man was feeding chickens in his yard when his bulldog began frantically barking, and he heard commotion from inside his home. He walked inside to find two acquaintances had broken in and, armed with a gun and a knife, were assaulting his girlfriend. The man grabbed an antique shotgun that he kept loaded “in case anything ever happens,” and fired at the attackers, injuring one and causing the other to run away. The man told reporters: “They could have shot and killed both of us, and then what? The guys could have got away scot-free. But no, I am an American. I’m going to have my gun, and I’m going to shoot [intruders] when they enter my house.”

The first shows the responsibility that most CCW folks have – they understand and LIVE that responsibility that comes with the exercising of that right (e.g., US Second Amendment, NH Article 2-A). One does not need to pull the trigger in exercising your Right. That man simply stepped up, stopped the man from trying to hurt others, and waited for law enforcement.

The second shows the disdain that others may have against law-abiding citizens by invading their homes. It also shows that without having the means to bring his own firearm to bear, his fear of being killed may well have turned out to be the end of his story.

If Rogers and others of her ilk are successful, what would those people have done in that MOMENT? Rogers et al hate the phrase “when moments count, the police are only minutes away”. They have no concern at all for those that are put into such a situation. They only care about working toward the time when the Government has a monopoly on force because they do not trust the citizens they are supposed to represent.

Freedom never has to be justified – it is bad politicians / bureaucrats that force us to do so.

(H/T: Daily Signal)