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Comrade Andru Volinsky is KILLING THE PLANET

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average snowblower creates about one pound of carbon monoxide emissions per hour. It’s the equivalent of driving a car for 70 miles. Surely Comrade Volinsky … who clearly considers himself the smartest and most knowledgeable person in New Hampshire … perhaps in the entire Northeast … knows that.

This must be an intentional assault upon our environment and our planet by Comrade V.

Worse … if Comrade V’s snowblower really is twelve years old it is a two-stroke, not a four-stroke … the difference being the two-strike does nine-times … NINE TIMES … the environmental devastation of a two stroke! NINE TIMES! Andi, Andi, Andi … .

And on top of all that, Comrade V is maintaining livestock … LIVESTOCK … at his dacha.


The farting … FARTING … of Comrade V’s alpaca herd is also a criminal assault upon our environment and planet … and along with Andi’s carbon-belching snowblower has undoubtedly increased the severity of the snowstorm we are currently experiencing.

(If you don’t understand how the global warming caused by Comrade V’s snowblower and livestock is making it colder and snowier it is because you lack the intellectual prowess of Comrade V.)

This is how SOCIALISM works folks. One set of rules for the rulers, another set for us. They get to use snowblowers … we have to shovel. They get to live in one or more massive dachas and have alpacas as pets … we have to live in tiny-houses and give up our farting cats and dogs, and replace them with houseplants.