What John Stossel and NH's 603 Alliance Have in Common - Climate Alarmists Refuse to debate - Granite Grok

What John Stossel and NH’s 603 Alliance Have in Common – Climate Alarmists Refuse to debate


There’s no such thing as settled science. Science by definition is a process, not a destination unless it is climate science. The keepers of its revealed ‘truths’ call those who question it, blasphemers, deniers, which is amusing. Even religious leaders will debate.

But not the climate cult.

The 603 Alliance brought Lord Monckton and Meteorologist Joe Bastardi in for a debate with any climate change expert(s) who was willing. None were. They Refused. Why? You don’t doubt the sacred faith. There’s no point. 

John Stossel, who arguably has a higher profile, tried to do the same thing. Here’s our chance to appeal to a broad audience. Make your case. He offered to host a debate. Guess what happened?

Stossel invited climate change activists to a debate at the Heartland Institute.

Small problem? They didn’t show up. As Stossel notes, climate change folks like Al Gore never show up to his invitations.

That’s no reason not to have the discussion anyway. Clint Eastwood taught us that sometimes, the empty chair could be a powerful thing. The 603 Alliance held their event (video at these links) and Stossel did what he does. He did his debunking anyway.

And as always, it’s good.