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The Same Media That Covered for Weinstein and Epstein, Savaged Brett Kavanaugh

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Amy Robach had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein. Evidence, testimony, a lot of work, by the sound of it. Solid investigative reporting. A well connected Democrat colluding with the bright lights of the left, and a serial pedophile running an underage sex slave operation.

ABC tanked the report.

Skip touched on this the other day, here – how the media lost its mind over a few seconds of Trump locker-room talk. Weeks of coverage. Epstein and Weinstein’s stories of actual sexual predation get buried.

Skip reminded us that they are also ignoring the latest Terry Bean sexual assault story. Bean is another well placed, wealthy Democrat with a history of sexually abusing minors. A dude whose criminal antics we’ve been reporting for five years. Someone our own Democrat State Party Chair has to have met and known (both highly placed at the DNC). Stories the local media also ignored and continues to avoid.

Actual sexual assaults. Women and children hit hardest, and by the sound of it often.

No Credibility at All

The lefty media has a mountain of #MeToo sex assault problems of its own, but we’ll move on to something more embarrassing; their Brett Kavanaugh “coverage.”

But Kavanaugh? He wasn’t treated deferentially. His reputation was destroyed by wild, unsupported and fantastic allegations that he was a serial sex predator.

Without corroboration, Kavanaugh was even shamed as the leader of a gang-rape crew that drugged young women before attacking them.

None of the supposed “witnesses” recall Blasey-Ford’s claims clearly if at all. No one making accusations had any credibility. But the Senate Democrats and The Machine worked overtime to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. And without any actual evidence, the media rode that donkey for all it was worth, selling the stunt as a legitimate inquiry, meaningful enough to disqualify the man for the post.

It was a Pravda quality smear with the full force of the Democrat party’s politics behind it.

While ABC had already spiked the Jeffy Epstein story, NBC had already spiked the Harvey Weinstein story – another case of serial sex abuse. Two men who had been credibly investigated and who were guilty as sin of everything uncovered and a good deal more. But the media protected them. 

You don’t need to be a serial sex offender to get media protection and you don’t need to be the Republican President or one of his judicial nominees to need it. These rules apply up and down the spectrum of topics and persons.

Every day.

Get used to it. It’s not changing. But then, that explains why our readership keeps growing. So thank you, media. Your business model is helping us grow ours.

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