Regarding Reporter Amy Robach admitting ABC spiked the Jeffrey Epstein story... - Granite Grok

Regarding Reporter Amy Robach admitting ABC spiked the Jeffrey Epstein story…

And the MSM wonders why more and more people know they can’t trust them?

And note how little attention the Terry Bean sex abuse witness-bribery story is getting.

Like I pointed here, the Media hates Republicans.  In other news (like, this is really new news?), they will go to any length to bowdlerize Republicans – especially if it gives them a chance to protect Democrats doing the same or even worse things.  A great example is that tweet above – protect the Dem money guy (and tangentially, his BFF Bill Clinton) and going after the Republican.

Call me cynical if you want but it happens far too often.  And if the past predicts the future, even if they go after the Dem, the party affiliation will be far deep into the story.  Or just call them a Republican and issue a “correction” deep in the funnies in 2 font size typeface.

Note: That line above about Terry Bean?  Not here has it been ignore: Steve’s been all over this story.

(H/T: Instapundit)

UPDATE:  This fits:

 Inside the Mainstream Media’s Sexual Predator Protection Racket.

The mainstream media (news and entertainment) in this country have spent the past three years caterwauling about President Trump’s treatment of them. They bristle at the merest suggestion that they have been derelict in their duty.

In their telling of the story, they are brave souls, the lone purveyors of truth, and the only things standing between ORANGE MAN BAD and the utter demise of the Republic.

In reality it turns out that they’re just a bunch of depraved sexual predator and pervert protectors.