"Rampant disrespect for the oath of office has become the norm" - Granite Grok

“Rampant disrespect for the oath of office has become the norm”

Unfortunately, it still is.  No, not because anything has changed between now and 10/30 when I ran across this post over at American Thinker with that title.  No, it goes back MUCH further than that. However, a couple of ‘graphs from that post sets a stage for this one (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Unless a winning candidate takes the oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, he cannot take office.  But there is more to the law than that.  In order to take office, a candidate who has won an election must take the oath honestly, free of perjury, and without reservation.  If a candidate takes the oath with the intent not to keep the oath, the oath is invalid, and the candidate is ineligible to hold office, per the law. Yet the governments of America are rife with officials who violate their oath.  Not only that, but candidates are permitted to take the oath, and then to take office, about whom it is well known before the fact that they do not bear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.

How is this known?  In many cases, the candidates tell us frankly that they are opposed to all that.  But even though they tell us, no one in authority is willing to prevent them from taking office, as per the requirement of the law and common sense.  

In listening to all of the Democrat / Socialists running for President, one has to ask them question: from where in the Constitution do you derive all these Powers to completely transform the country? Where is it said that you can just take the Private Property of some with which to fund your fantasy policies of giving everything FREE?  If one was TRULY committed to your oaths and to the Letter AND the Spirit of the Constitution, would be calling for everyone to have to follow YOUR version of the utopian view of what is best for me? Or anyone else?  Is this what the Constitution gives to the Executive Branch?  Was this even its purpose (er, no)?

That is a major problem. About whom are we talking?  There are many.  For example, virtually every one of the Democratic candidates for president has been up front about their anticonstitutional intentions.  But there are really too many examples from both major parties to mention without having to write a book about it.  In fact, taking the oath of office with bad intent and perjury has become the norm. The idea that rights are inviolable or unalienable has become, among America’s bureaucracy, antiquated, an idea whose time has passed

Perhaps.  Again, if you listen to the Democrats and how they want you to bend your knee to their standard of behavior, perhaps they are post-Constitutional (OK, they ARE!).  Do they show remorse, do they show shame?  We just had the example of NH State Rep Tamara Le; we’ve had NH State Reps Jan Schmidt, Debra Altschiller, Douglas Ley, Deb Stevens, Katherine Rogers, Joel Desilets….the list is almost endless in either proposing, endorsing, and voting for bills that blatantly infringe on a whole slew of Rights and are totally contra Constitutional values.  But then again:

NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”.

So how did she “honor” her oath to protect the Constitution when she doesn’t even want to think about it?  Sadly, many are just like her.  Too many. but they are there. And what are we to do about it? It seems that the problem, truth be told, isn’t just the politician but the candidate behind that politician, but it is the voters.  Why aren’t they paying attention and holding them responsible?  Where’s the media on this?

Sadly, I remembered that before reading that American Thinker piece, we had lamented about the same thing here in NH back in 2013 and then did something about it:

Honoring your Oath? Others seem to believe your oath to the Constitution is not mere words. Here’s another one: Accountability

Accountability – a most hated word in politics.  Oh sure, whoever the Political Class doesn’t like will be held to such (after all, they wield the power).  But they never like it when the masses play the “turnabout fair play” game (or journalists, from what I seem, but I repeat myself as many in journalism are now card carrying members of the Political Class).  Oh to be sure, we hear the high minded platitudes about “elections are when voters hold us accountable”  – but some don’t like it when we do.  However, what to do during the “in-between” times when recalls are not an option and you think that someone has violated their promise to voters?  Hmm, this seems to be novel (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Verified Complaint of Breach of Oath of Office and Conspiracy against Rights

Emergency Verified Complaint


                                                                                                                      1) Stephen Shurtleff – (see Exhibit “A” – HB135)
2) 12 members of the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
3) 189 members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives (see Exhibit “B” –
March 27th, 2013 Yea Votes)


Breach of Oath of Office
Violation of 18 USC § 241 – Conspiracy against Rights

(Go read the entirety of the post)

There was even a “Honor Your Oath” rally held on the steps of the Capital building.  While many spoke, I’m just going to put up two of the videos from that day:

Even though Jeff Chidester’s role yesterday was to be the Master of Ceremonies he gave, in my opinion, the best speech of the day concerning the Oath and its importance.  Once you hear him mention the American Flag – you will then understand “the Oath becomes Personal” – and  WMUR’s Jimmie Pindell?  THIS is the answer to your question!  As Jeff said, and as I intimated in my post – you and most of the Media just.don’t.get.it.

And for some strange reason, they allowed me to speak as well:

Yeah, they let me speak as well and I was asked to speak on “self-responsibility” in terms of “Honoring Your Oath”.  Unlike most that spoke, I gave mine as a locally elected official in my town – and yes, I paid attention to it twice and I still do today.  I tried to do what I did mindful of that Oath, for once a promise is given, it should be kept.  Given that it was handling other peoples’ money as a Budget Committee member, I often thought of these (“It is not mine to give”: here, here, here, and here).