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No One is Taking Mayor Pete Seriously

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Recent Polls show candidate South-Bend-It like Pete Buttigieg as the first clown out of the car in Iowa and New Hampshire. Neither poll is vast or conclusive, and reporting from last night’s debate suggests none of the other clowns view him as a threat.

Indifferent might be a good way to describe it.

It took almost two hours Wednesday night for a Democrat to take a shot at South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg, the 2020 field’s newest frontrunner in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Pete’s got black America problems, or so the story goes. That’s how they’ll take him out if it becomes necessary. 

As South Bend mayor, Buttigieg has faced criticism from the city’s African-American community over his handling of the fatal police shooting of young black man Eric Logan, his demotion of the city’s first black police chief, and the multiple accusations of racism leveled against his hand-chosen police chiefs.

Any bump will be attributed to racism. Iowa and New Hampshire are too damn white (or so the story goes) to even be at the beginning of the primary parade. But Buttigieg’s problem with people of color is probably more sinister.

Blacks and Hispanics may be majority Demcorat voting blocks, but neither is as hip to the idea of gay marriage and the gender agenda as the far left.

Put another way; blacks may not vote for Pete because he’s gay. “The most recent Economist/YouGov poll found that … only 2 percent of black Democrats… were at least considering voting for Buttigieg in the primaries.” 

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