GOP May Pick Up Seat in Louisiana Governor Runoff Election

GOP May Pick Up Seat in Louisiana Governor Runoff Election

Just 11 days ago Republicans lost a red state Governor’s seat to the Democrat challenger in Kentucky. Tonight, there’s a good chance for a pickup in another red state, currently Governed by Democrat John Bel Edwards. This post will be updated when results from Louisiana Governor Runoff Election are in.

A ‘W’ tonight will be a big win for Trump, and Liberty, at the same time.

Republicans had nearly 51.8% of the votes in the Gubernatorial ‘jungle’ primary in Louisiana compared to the 47.4% the Democrat incumbent garnered.

Trump held a rally in Louisiana just a few days ago in hopes of tipping the scales in Republican Eddie Rispone’s favor, who currently is losing in the polling average (scoff) 49-47%. In Kentucky, Trump’s rally wasn’t able to push incumbent Matt Bevin over the finish line. But, a Republican Incumbent Governor had never won re-election in Kentucky’s history, and still hasn’t. Bevin was also one of the least popular Governor’s in the nation, and still only lost by approximately 4,500 votes.

As of Q3 2019, Bel Edwards was holding a 52% approval rating, with 31% disapproval according to Morning Consult.

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Win At The Door PAC, an offshoot of Young Americans for Liberty, has been in Louisiana stumping for Eddie Rispone, and has a paid field staff deployed there currently. They’ve expended nearly $100,000 on this election cycle. GOP Committees country wide are also dialing into Louisiana today to Get Out The Vote.

Jungle Primary

Louisiana holds a ‘jungle’ primary, where all candidates regardless of party are on the same ballot. Since no candidate received a majority of the vote on October 12, the top 2 candidates moved on to todays runoff.

Eddie Rispone received 27% of the vote in the primary, putting him second behind incumbent Bel Edwards. He beat out GOP candidate Ralph Abraham by 4 points. Abraham represents Louisiana in the US House of Representatives.

Tonight’s results for the Louisiana Governor Runoff Election will be rolling in shortly, so check back in a few hours to see if the GOP and Liberty notched a big win, or a demeaning loss.