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Lessons in Left-Wing Activism are Now Part of Elementary School Curriculum

Smiling elementary school kids sitting at desks in classroom

Very few things about this hobby make me go ‘what the..?’. This, I admit, comes close. Public schools are not just filling heads with progressive mush. The curriculum includes educating elementary school kids in radicalized left-wing community organizing. 

Beginning in Grade 3, the Pollyanna “Racial Literacy Curriculum” asks students to become activists in order to achieve leftist goals. The 3rd Grade chapter is entitled “Stories of Activism – How One Voice Can Change a Community.” The expected result is for students to understand “how we can be agents of communal, social, political, and environmental change.”

The Ed schools have outdone themselves. Like the Candidates running for President, no one is hiding their ideology in the bushes (so to speak). The communists are coming out, and they intend to take your kids with them!

In Grade 4, students are programmed with “the ability to critique and dispel Eurocentric perspectives that favor a myopic appearance of race.” In translation, the indisputable fact that European countries contributed most to the development of civilization as we know it — from engineering to medicine to architecture to law — is taught as racist history because Europeans had white skin.

Don’t worry. The program carries right into Middle School.

By Grade 8, after nine years of acute indoctrination, the children are ready to fight on behalf of leftists in America. “[S]tudents will set commitments for rectifying current social ills, such as learning and planning how to carry out anti-racist activism and/or social advocacy in their communities and/or to improve their everyday lives.” The 8th Grade chapter is entitled “Racism as a Primary ‘Institution’ of the U.S. – How We May Combat Systemic Inequality.”

This is (apparently) in use in the People’s Republic of Oregon, but I’ve not dug in to see where else. But this is the education vision for public schools — the next step in their journey to normalizing collectivist state power as superior to individual natural rights. 

It boasts a world filled with Greta Thunberg’s who know nothing but anger and organizing for power. Not truth. Just action.

Do these same experts believe that once their social engineering experiment has convinced a generation and a half to give them power that they’ll be satisfied with the results knowing how to do little else but agitate the leadership?

Humankind creates a monster that destroys them. Or, perhaps they just destroy each other.

It looks like that from here.

Hardly matters. Much the way the Mullahs will destroy the earth to cleanse it of infidels the leftists would destroy the people to end the Constitutional Republic, I’m not inclined to let them.

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