If it is wrong in one place, it should be wrong in the other, right? - Granite Grok

If it is wrong in one place, it should be wrong in the other, right?

So, one is from the Kavanaugh trial where the Democrats tried to railroad him off the Supreme Court bench. Or yet another #MeToo event (either real like Harvey Weinstein, or yet hoax for some agenda based reason (er, drinking, buyers remorse, get-the-boyfriend/girlfriend, or just some other obscure reason that we’re supposed already know about).  Either way, the Left / Democrats / SJWs (but I repeat myself), believe it to be evil (and in the case of actual Harvey Weinsteins, it is). The guy is the evil one and can never be forgiven…

…however, it seems that the Left / Democrats / SJWs are all hellbent that while an adult female should never come within visual range of the result of being XY chromosome, some young innocent school gal should be EMBRACING that “whole thang” because, well, they say so. Frankly, it’s an agenda / powerplay by the Democrats. If it is wrong in one place, shouldn’t it be wrong in EVERY PLACE?  Normal people would think so but these aren’t normal people. Everything is relative for them – and only exists for them to gain Power. How else would you explain it?

So what do they get out of removing innocence and privacy?

Getting that young girl to believe something that isn’t true.  XX is XY. The never-ending yammering that biological sex is “assigned at birth” (like there’s some clerk at the end of the birth canal smiling “male or female – Oh, THIS is what you are!”) as if it doesn’t matter. Gender identity is anything the person says it – there are NO absolutes anymore.

And THAT’S part of the end game – reality is only what THEY say it is and you and I aren’t allowed to have a voice or a vote on it. It isn’t just young children – they want the parents and other adults moved to the point where they no longer recognize right from wrong, moral from immoral, from science to fantasy.

But then again, pushing back against what isn’t true, gets you a “HATER!” label (right Jake Maxwell – you called me a “Hate Blogger”, right?).

What it comes down to is Power and Agenda. The ability to push others around for their own self images.  The age is irrelevant, the circumstances don’t matter, the motives are irrelevant. All that matters is that they get their way.

(H/T: Powerline)