Family Planning Clinics in Africa and India Linked to WWF Funded Sterilization Program - Granite Grok

Family Planning Clinics in Africa and India Linked to WWF Funded Sterilization Program


We just reported on radical environmental groups paying locals to set fires so they can broadcast pictures of the burning Amazon. Now we have a story of radical environmentalists linked to population control – family planning clinics used to sterilize men in local communities in third-world nations.

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WWF believes that overpopulation is a danger to nature and that the number of births around protected areas should be reduced. Zembla reveals that the association, associated with the US agency USAID and the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, has set up health camps in several parts of the world including a function of “family planning”. Zembla was able to have a doctor testify in a campaign to sterilize indigenous populations in India.

The WWF has three “family planning” clinics in Africa. I think it is safe to say the same tactic is in play.

And this is where we remind you that eugenics and population control have always been a prerequisite to the progressive experiment. 

The Notorious RBG admitting that she thought abortion was a deliberate policy move to control undesirable populations. The Democrat presidential primary clown car is loaded with goons who are comfortable with the idea of population control. They’re using the fake climate crisis as cover, but that’s all it is. The American Progressive movement has included some form of population control (it’s where Hitler got the idea) to ensure the utopian future was properly peopled.

It is one reason why White Nationalism is more a left-wing supremacy ideology and not right-wing as sold by the media. The same media that ignored this story when it broke in May. The KKK and Neo-Nazi movements would agree that the WWF is doing good work.

Carrying out the lefts population control policies by convincing tribesmen and locals in third-world communities to allow their sterilization and minority women around the world to abort their unborn babies.

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