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ABC Identified Epstein Story Whistleblower so CBS Could Fire Them

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So much for the media’s narrative about the sacred whistleblower. A CBS staffer has been fired after ABC identified them as the source of the leaked Amy Robach footage. The clip in which she shares her feelings about her ‘Jeffrey Epstein is a serial pedophile story’ getting spiked.

Whistleblowers are sacred unless they blow whistles on the ruling class or their media watchdogs. By which we mean these corporate propagandists for political icons and their associates, bankers, and globalist playthings.

It’s quite the racket. 

Yesterday we reminded you that ABC spiked the Epstein story but happily engaged in the destruction of Brett Kavanaugh. NBC spiked the Harvey Weinstein story but like ABC was all in on smearing a family man chosen for the nation’s highest court. And now CBS, ibid on Kavanaugh, has gotten in on ABC’s mojo. Terminating an employee who outed media malfeasance at that network.

The Collusion News Network (CNN) has for years had an institutional journalistic agenda driven by personal animus to destroy the current president. MSNBC is, well, MSNBC. The New York times recently edited a Kavanaugh story to create new accusations of sexual misbehavior that never happened (with which the networks ran) and they are, well, the NYT.

And let’s not forget WashPo and the rest, who tried to destroy a good Christian boy for smiling on the Washington Mall while being confronted by another liar because the boy happened to be pro-life and was wearing a MAGA hat.

Your legacy media has been corrupted for years but even now, exposed repeatedly as crack-whores for a left-wing oligarchy they continue to prostrate themselves to the progressive partisan political will.

Stop paying them to lie to you. Turn them off, put it down, walk away.

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Update: Wanted to add this additional point I just tripped over: “If Fox News had punted and actively suppressed a story on a Republican pedophile entangled with rich and powerful people, every single other network would be running it for weeks as their top story.”

You, know it. 

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