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When All Else Fails ‘Be Trump!’

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In a piece titled The Greatness of Donald Trump Dov Fischer does us a service. First, he compares Mr. Trump to the so-called scions of Liberalism with whom they’d have him replaced. A rogue’s gallery of opportunists, criminals, and con men (and women).

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One of them, more famously so, than any other.

Those who complain about Trump’s character invariably are the same “deplorables” who voted for the lying, cheating, false-faced Hillary. They had no problem with an ethical deviant who had committed felonious spoliation of evidence, lied about her emails (yoga and wedding dresses?), lied about Benghazi (an incoherent YouTube video with few views?), lied about her very name (named for a guy who became famous only after she was born?), lied about her trips abroad (landing amid gunfire in Bosnia, when in fact she was greeted by schoolgirls presenting her flowers), lying about and defaming the women whom her husband sexually assaulted, even lying and joking in a fake Southern drawl (back when her husband was Arkansas governor) about successfully defending a guy who raped a 12-year-old girl. They likewise had no compunction voting for her better half despite his raping Juanita Broaddrick, assaulting Kathleen Willey, exposing himself to Paula Corbin Jones, manipulating a gullible Monica Lewinsky — later explaining, “because I could.”

Suggesting Hillary was the more responsible human being of higher moral character is absurd. Clinton is a craven hound relentlessly sniffing out power. Beside her is an army of deep staters who to this day are working in favor of her ruling class cabal.

Kennedy, Johnson, Roosevelt, and Wilson, who also top the Left’s list of best presidents were all epic human failures, some worse than others. An unabashed serial cheater, an egomaniacal narcissist, and a pair of racists, Wilson being the worst of them all. An ideological heritage that begot Hillary Clinton, whose corruption makes her a better candidate for Batman villain than the leader of the free world.

If you don’t like Hillary for the job (she may run again), there’s Bobby “hit and run” O’Rourke, Liz ‘Hiawatha’ Warren, or maybe Joe “Ukraine” Biden. Bernie ‘Comrade’ Sanders and Kamala ‘ Sleep your way to the top’ Harris.

Moral character references not required. These are, after all, Democrats.

Fischer follows this introduction with an extensive review of Trump’s victories and perseverance in the face of impossible odds. I can’t share it all, you’ll have to go read it but this alone should give you some incentive.

What makes Trump a man of historic greatness is that he wakes up every morning and continues doing his job with strength in the face of the worst character assassination imaginable, led by the Corrupt Journalist Corps. He still booms the economy. He still dares and stares down China on tariffs and trade. He still shows North Korea that he will not be hoodwinked… He stares down the Iranian Ayatollahs and tightens the vise, …He stares down those Europeans, insisting mercilessly that they cough up the money those cheap and lazy skinflints never before would pay to support NATO.

There is more of this. A lot more.

If you’re not sure about this, or on a fence, President Dov Fischer’s piece may stiffen your resolve toward support. If you are a supporter of President Trump it will give you the strength to keep fighting the good fight. Bookmark it, save it, and re-read it when you need it.

If you hate him, there’s CNN or Rachel Maddow. Tools of the deep state. Folks who will lead you into temptation without ever delivering anything but evil. A two-class system where you are at the bottom.

That’s how socialism works. Look it up. Then stand with your president. Even if you hate him, he’s still standing for you.

| American Spectator