The Left at U of Alabama is so Woke It Kicked the G out of LGBTQA-WTF? - Granite Grok

The Left at U of Alabama is so Woke It Kicked the G out of LGBTQA-WTF?


Sometimes you stumble down a rabbit hole and find yourself overwhelmed with content on a common theme. Climate, LGBTQWTF, wait, how about gay climate? A rainbow transitioning to a sunbow? Not a thing yet, but don’t blink. It’s early in the day.

And to paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “(Lefty) Life happens pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Your membership in the lefty-cabal could be revoked at any moment for any reason. Like the University of Alabama’s 2019 celebration of LGBTQIA+ History Month.

The programming covers well-known LGBT variants such as lesbianism and bisexuality, as well as more avant-garde sexualities and identities including asexuality, aromanticism, pansexuality, transgenderism and gender non-conformism.

I had to look one of those up. Aromanticism. I thought it had to do with sexual attraction to scents, odors, even stink. Wrong. I put the em-phasis on the wrong syll-able. Aromanticism is the inability to feel romantic attraction. I’d ask how you feel about that but that’s probably bigoted.

Back to the U of A.

The programming covers well-known LGBT variants…Yet the university’s scheduled list of LGBT talks does not include a presentation on gay men, a demographic that forms a significant percentage of the LGBT community.

First, you couldn’t be gay and conservative (or at least not all in on being a leftist). Now you can’t be gay and believe you are still a man? How many closets do these guys have to come out of to get some f*****g respect from the left?

Which now begs a question. How long before trans men get the boot too, and how is that not discrimination by the LBTQAWTFers?

Inclusiveness was always subjective. And it has always been political. Do  you know why they chose October for LGBT History Month (sorry, cross out that ‘T’)  “because public schools are in session.”

It’s creepy Gaystapo corporatism. Queer little happy means to recruit the kiddies. COnvince them their gender challenge and society is to blame. Pulp them full of drugs, make them question their own sanity, while engendering long-term health complications to advance your political mission.

It is, after all, not so much a gender spectrum as a political spectrum hijacking (or inculcating) gender as a left-wing vote-getting strategy.  ABut if you become politically inconvenient, the Left will kiss your ‘rights’ goodbye like with the rest of us no matter your level of wokeness.

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