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So not ok for Trump but fine for Ilhan Omar?

Ilhan Omar and her White Sugar Daddy

It has certainly been clear that the husband swapping, “divorce in my faith” US CongressTwit Ilhan Omar has a bit more of an ethical dilemma as in “fine for me and not for thee:

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CHASER:  “Ilhan Omar Admits She Ran For Office In Part To Get The Government To Pay Off Her Own Debt”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) revealed earlier in September that a major reason why she decided to run for Congress was to help pass legislation that would eliminate her own student debt burden.

“I am one of 45 million [Americans who owe student debt] and it has been part of my journey and one of the reasons that drove me to run for office,” Omar said while appearing on a BET News Town Hall. “I also have a daughter — not only do I have student debt, but I have a daughter that is going to college in two years and so the realness of this burden that we all feel shackled with has been real for me.”

So, she ran SPECIFICALLY to enrich herself – by shucking off her lawfully assumed debts onto taxpayers.  Boy, we’re we ever the suckers in this.  Some ingratitude on her part, eh? Boy, the streets of America ARE paved with gold – for her.

Has the thought crossed her mind that, ethically, this Democrat Socialist is doing EXACTLY for herself for what Trump has already been cleared of?  That perhaps, even Trump aside, that she shouldn’t be treating the Federal Govt as her own piggy bank?

And remember, while her school debt is $15 – $50K, her Congressional salary is $174,o00/year.  That’s $14,500 / month – are you telling me that she has decided that she can’t pay that back? IF she only has 24 months in Congress (e.g., loses re-election), she’d have plenty to pay $2K / month even at the $50K debt level.  If it is the $15K debt, the number is $625/month to pay it off by the time she gets “retired”.

But she thinks that’s too much?  At $50K, that’s 14% of her monthly pay (no deductions, btw).  At $15K, that’s a mere 4.3% of her monthly salary.

But she wants it ALL for herself.

Selfish much?

(H/T: Daily Wire)