Senate Fails to Override Trump Veto of Bill to Block Emergency Border Security Funding - Granite Grok

Senate Fails to Override Trump Veto of Bill to Block Emergency Border Security Funding

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The president declared a national emergency on America’s southern border. And at the time, it was an emergency. Right up until Trump said as much Democrats were on cable news wailing about it left and left. Families, children, cages, concentration camps! 

It was a crisis.

Trump said we need money to help the people there now and a wall, so they’ll stop coming. More enforcement, all of that. So, he declared an emergency and started diverting Homeland Security dollars to address it.

The Left lost their minds.

We had (have) lawsuits, protests, fake outrage, and a bill to terminate his declaration. He vetoes it, and the House can’t override.

They try to stop the funding and the Senate doesn’t have the votes.

Ten Republicans sided with Democrats, mustering 53 votes in favor of overturning Mr. Trump — but it was far short of the two-thirds tally needed to actually force the president to retreat.

The failure means Mr. Trump’s February emergency proclamation declaring a border emergency, and claiming powers to shift money from the Pentagon to wall-building, remains in effect.

There is still a judge’s order that claims Trump violated the law by diverting funding, but there are also judicial orders of approval that have dismissed other suits and several nods from SCOTUS on different points of order (or disorder).

No word on where we stand in total except that to the border situation has improved significantly despite Congress. Trump is building his wall. He has made deals with Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to keep illegal aliens out of the country (while they await rulings on asylum) or for their return to these nations.

Traffic is way down.

It has something to do with there no longer being an open-door policy, catch and release, or any of that. People have stopped making the trip. No more caravans.

This cuts into the profits of cartels and human traffickers. Folks Democrats will happily finance (if only indirectly) with their preferred border policies – which also kill thousands of these people annually in the process.

But Trump isn’t having any of that. Besides, he promised if elected that he’d do this. A lesser man would have given up. But we’re talking about Donald Trump. Who has kept more campaign promises than any president – heck, any elected official – in recent memory.

It’s probably another reason why they don’t like him. He’s ruining the brand.