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Professor: Liberal Privileged Ivy League Dartmouth Needs White Privilege Courses


For some strange reason, a professor at Dartmouth believes the School must mandate White Privilege Classes. As if the people going to a school like Dartmouth College wouldn’t know they are privileged. Isn’t that point of attending an Ivy League school? 

Where’d you go to school?

Dahhrrrtmuth. Mmm-Kay?

So, kids going to Dartmouth have privilege, no matter what color their skin. But that by its nature begets another problem. At least for Sociology Professor Dr. Emily Walton.

Walton refers to “white blindness,” or a state in which racial privilege is invisible, claiming that, during the course, her white students “awaken to the notion” that racism systematically advanced white people while keeping all others down.

While they are all sitting in the same classroom at Dartmouth College? I’m white. I didn’t go to Dartmouth. Where’s my privilege?

I started at an hourly job and over decades of hard work (often working two or three jobs at a time) acquired skills that I used to advance to better-paying positions. So, what.

I have also had plenty of friends who were Black, Gay, Indian, Asian, and yes, White, who went to college and got better jobs sooner than I did. Some joined the service first.

I credit them all with the work ethic they applied to earn the jobs and skills-based advancement that was colorblind. That’s the world in which I was raised. It is the world we were building until race-baiting, ax-grinding community organizers, culminating in Barack Obama, decided to ignite a race war.

But if white people were to blame for the conditions of people of color, they are primarily Democrats and the policies the oppressive and suppressive policies they favor.

If Dr. Walton wants to impress, she should insist on a series of courses on how the political left destroyed the black family. Taught them to kill their own babies. Trapped millions on the welfare plantation despite the best efforts by Republicans to ensure people of color had the same freedom of opportunity as anyone else.

She is right about one thing.

Black history is no less important than white history. Everyone should learn it. Students should learn it in the context of our shared experience, good and bad. With a heaping helpful of more recent history about how the white and black Democrats treat all Americans, Blacks in particular. Because when it comes to religion and values, I share more in common with the average African American than any Democrat candidate running to be their next resident.

Something they’d never dare teach at Dartmouth. Not anymore.

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