More Reasons Why CO2 Isn't Causing Climate Change and Government Can't 'Fix It' - Granite Grok

More Reasons Why CO2 Isn’t Causing Climate Change and Government Can’t ‘Fix It’

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We should pity the floundering liberals who blindly worship the cult of their god-king state. The entity that devours natural rights in exchange for a promise. That if you give it money and power, it can move the earth and save humanity. 

Truth? It has no interest in either. But its advocates are smitten. So, any thought contrary to this pursuit of Bond-villain-like global domination is blasphemy.

Say hello to more blasphemy.

On its Earth Observatory web site, NASA published in the year 2000, the information they possessed about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, which was PROVED to be fact by core samples from the earth’s seas.  Climate Changes – warming and destructive weather – happen naturally from changes in earth’s solar orbit, and the extent of earth’s axis tilt.  NOT from man-induced factors!

The earth’s climate responds to several key elements, none of which has been accurately modeled by the “scientists” of the Climate cult. The biggest, both literal and figurative, is the sun. Solar cycles are a dead match for earth’s historical warming and cooling, so it makes sense that Milankovitch’ observations 

that as the Earth travels through space around the sun, cyclical variations in three elements of Earth-sun geometry combine to produce variations in the amount of solar energy that reaches Earth.

The false god of government promises humans that they are mighty Atlas. That their godless empty pronoun preferring lives can have meaning. They are destroying the globe. But if they can separate themselves from worldly goods and rights, or maybe (mostly?) someone else’s, the State will set things right.

Just give the government the power to take whatever it needs.

And they call us stupid.

 “…in 1976, a study published in the journal Science examined deep-sea sediment cores and found that Milankovitch’s theory did in fact correspond to periods of climate change (Hays et al. 1976). Specifically, the authors were able to extract the record of temperature change going back 450,000 years and found that major variations in climate were closely associated with changes in the geometry (eccentricity, obliquity, and precession) of Earth’s orbit. Indeed, ice ages had occurred when the Earth was going through different stages of orbital variation.

Since this study, the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has embraced the Milankovitch Cycle model.”

The globalist left created the “crime.” They then worked overtime to make you feel guilty of it, with the promise that they could (literally) turn the world around if you let them milk you in pursuit of unlimited political power.

The scam continues. And it is critical that we do our best to expose the fraud.

The state cannot fix anything but their place atop the hierarchy, and they will say or do anything to secure it. We are obligated to challenge them. And so, we shall.

The climate changes. But neither your lifestyle nor CO2 is of particular interest to the matter. Arguments to the contrary are little more than an attempted coup. A concerted effort to undermine your natural rights and the idea that the state should answer to the people.

Hal Turner | NASA