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It’s a Curious Question – Do You Know the Answer? I think I do!

Drag Queen -Uk Daily Mail

It has long been our policy to come to the aid of women. Even those taken in by a party (the Democrats) that goes out of its way to kill them before they can take a breath or just after (abortion), puts them at risk (anti-gun and bathroom bills), and denies them victory (men playing women’s sports).

It might be a bit of chivalry. Old school manners. Or just a sense of what’s right. Women are amazing but they are not men. Nor are men women. But the same party that would kill them, harm them, or deny them, is also the party that would convince men they are women. And then pretend to care about them like they pretended to care about women.

Or Black Americans, or Hispanics, or immigrants (legal or otherwise), working families, or children.

If you think they care I have news. Democrats like you about as much as they like women. This is to say that as long as you vote for them and let them kill future generations of them or deny them the right to self-defense, you are their “gal.” Should you decide to deviate from the path, even for a moment, you might as well be Republican.

So, when I read this, it caught my eye. A treatise on the duplicity of the left. On how Justine Trudeau, a true globalist socialist progressive, could survive wearing blackface so many times he can’t recall, while others are pilloried into obscurity.

He’s the right ‘sex.’ Which is to say, he’s an “it girl.” A boy in “the band.” A proper leftist doing the people’s business. This is code for working the people over. He’s a card-carrying member, like Gov. Northam. Or Teddy, I killed a girl Kennedy. Bill ‘I didn’t have sexual relations‘ Clinton.


“Democrats” do it all the time. They tell you not just who they are but how it will be when they run things. When there are no Rand Pauls or Ted Cruzes, Mike Lees, or Donald Trumps to stand between them and you; there will be two classes and two sets of rules, and you’ll be on the dirt end of the mop, the sh**ty end of the stick. Down in the dark hole while they supervise from the sunshine.

This brings me to that curious question from the title. “Why blackface is quite rightly unacceptable while drag gets bigger by the day.” Why is that?

You’d have to be living in an Amish community not to have heard of RuPaul’s Drag Race, while Channel 5’s Drag Kids follows a process which we squares call ‘grooming’. Yet no one turns a hair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if the Black and White Minstrels are insulting and reactionary, why aren’t drag queens? If someone can explain to me why race-based parody is bad and sex-based parody ‘a bit of fun’, I’d love to know.

My answer? Drag queens are advancing the destruction of gender norms (and by extension gender roles and traditional families), which are a barrier to the expansion of the Left’s super-state.

Sorry, the Democrat socialists don’t care who you love. They only care if gay marriage leads to the end of marriage as a recognized social institution in America. The self-reliant unit that in neighborhoods and communities, towns, and states, can make a centrally-planned dependency state harder to secure. 

End the foundation of self-reliance, and you inevitably usher in an era of state-dominated control. I think they tested it out on Black families, and now they are coming for the rest for us. It’s been successful all over the world. But America won’t get with the program. Not yet. But they are working on it.

I want to be wrong, but I don’t think I am. What do you think?

Image: c/o UK Telegraph

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