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Impeachment Therapy Theater – Show Me on This Doll Where Donald Trump ‘Hurt You’

Trump Doll southpark meme

No formal impeachment has begun. What we are witnessing is congressional democrats stocking a pond with fake fish for the media to ‘catch’ and release to the public.

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And there will be no formal impeachment. Pelosi needs to take a vote of the full House. But she won’t do that unless the stock-pond produces something actionable beyond recycled media narratives disproved almost as quickly as they appear on the line.

As with previous scandals, there is no there-there so there can be no impeachment. But they will talk about it.

Rinse, Rant, Repeat

The Special Counsel Investigation pond ran dry when the Russian Collusion hoax collapsed. Bill Barr said to wrap up the judicial circle-jerk. In America, we not supposed to condone endless investigations into people indefinitely until we create a crime with which to charge them.

And it is not DOJ’s job to create news for reporters to feed a partisan narrative. That’s what Mueller did, but the result was a full course meal at nothing-burger. Tens of millions of our dollars wasted on a grudge.

We have had innumerable other (so-called) presidency-ending scandals that have paraded through the news cycle. All, while Mr. Trump’s polling has risen and passed Barack Obama.

The current stream of media-fantasy is that the House is doing something different. Crafting some platform for a transparent inquiry into the latest wrongdoing by Donald Trump. It is not.

We’ve seen the transcript.

So, the House Committee no longer wants to talk to the Whistle-blower because their testimony will result in either perjury or the draining of the latest impeachment pond. “Fish” flopping about gasping for a new narrative.

What we will get is a parade of people who feel wronged. Personal stories of how having to work or live a world where Donald Trump is President hurts their feelings. And wild speculation about how dangerous this is to Americans.

When the real threat is the Democrat party and what they do with power in the name of ‘justice.’