Democrat Double-Standard ... RACIST for thee, but not for we. - Granite Grok

Democrat Double-Standard … RACIST for thee, but not for we.

This tweet, since deleted:

Which led to these:

What none of these DemocRATS mention is that Baldasaro was essentially repeating what CNN’s Don Lemon said back in July, as I noted in response to many of these tweets:

You can link to Lemon saying that Kamala Harris is NOT an African-American from my tweet above.

To be clear, I think that Baldasaro’s tweet was stupid. Stop divvying America up by race, by sex, by age, by whatever political identity grouping is in vogue … and start treating us as individuals.

But if it was RACIST when Baldasaro said it … which according to the DemocRATS it was … then it was RACIST when Don Lemon said it. And we never heard a peep from these DemocRATS when Lemon said it, and don’t tell me it’s because it didn’t involve #nhpolitics because it’s undeniable that they would have been tweeting RACIST and tagging #nhpolitics if … let’s say … FOX’s Sean Hannity had said it.

In other words, this is yet another example of DemocRAT hypocrisy and double-standards. What’s supposedly RACIST coming from Baldasaro is ignored coming from Don Lemon because Don Lemon is a loyal DemocRAT mouthpiece.