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Culture War at University of New Hampshire

There weren’t many protestors outside when I walked in, but the reporters with the Student newspaper noted it as a ‘yet’ issue.  They’ll be here, I’m told.

This week has been interesting for UNH. They reported that students have taken out the table tent flyers for this event and ripped off the “Culture War” Corner of the flyer before putting it back. They must be upset that they started a “Culture War” and now we’re fighting back, or something.

Earlier this week a viral video caught Breitbart’s attention when a student told a conservative “I hope you die!” after ripping down a TPUSA Culture War Poster.

It appears the Culture War is very real, and very present at the University of New Hampshire.

Tonight, Charlie Kirk from TPUSA will be joined by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for their “Culture War” tour. You can watch a livestream at the Turning Point USA Facebook Page Here.

I’ll keep you posted!